What does Wyrmrest Accord think of BFA?

(Mazaga) #241

I make fabulous knick-knacks out of them, you should check out my etsy page.

Is Hot Topic still a thing?

(Enekie) #242

Let’s compromise and have you start a nice archaeology collection. It’s very meticulous and calming.

(Mazaga) #244

I see no reason why I can’t do both.

(Enekie) #245

It’s just that all the killing probably isn’t good for Orcish blood pressure, which can be delicate.

(Mazaga) #246

It’s also funny that you mentioned archaeology, since that’s what I’ve currently been doing in game.


I’m incredibly casual, so take that for what it’s worth. That said, I tend to judge an expansion by how quickly I’ve left it. I’ve left BFA pretty quickly.

I leveled to 120. Reasonably enjoyable.
I maxed out my reps.
I explored.
I ran a few dungeons then hit a massive wall of boredom.
Island Expeditions were a mess. I’d say they “are”, but I haven’t run one in months.
I ran the Warfront enough to get some gear.
I have no idea at this point what my azerite ‘level’ is supposed to be and don’t care.

As always:
The art is beautiful.
The music is great.

Unless something amazing happens, I’ll spend much of BFA playing a different Warcraft Expac.

(Enekie) #248

Not much else to do these days except dig up memories of nicer things.

(Distàréé) #249

In my honest opinion… Blizzard should have made a ‘breather’ expansion. What I mean by that is Horde and Alliance forces have been fighting merciless armies and corrupt forces for Many MANY long years. Decades? I think? And to end it all (prior to BfA that is) we had the Legion devastate Azeroth in whole, especially with a massive sword plunged into a major zone. It is absolutely mind boggling to me that we have anything left with to start a faction war.

To further elaborate my concept of needing a breather expansion, Blizzard could have taken this expansion time period (instead of producing BfA) to make quality of life improvements for in game features like communities / guilds / auction housing. I personally would love to see (JUST AN OPINION HERE) somewhat customizable guild halls with some sort of guild challenges that could be displayed against other competing guilds in a major city leader board for various activities including but not limited to PvE, PvP, and resource gathering. (pets… maybe?)

During this breather expac we could also see a touch up to all major cities and their border zones, especially SMC and Exodar. ( I know it IS POSSIBLE for you Blizzard. Use the time dragon what’s her name to take people back to the previous version of SMC / Ghostlands / Exodar and make a new zone for redesigned / rebuilt cities / zones). Gnomes could retake Gadgetzan for real, Trolls could establish an awesome Island outpost, and I don’t mean a small Troll outpost. It would be awesome to see a Troll island outpost rivaling the size of Orgrimmar with huts and bridges everywhere… multiple stories (that’d be damn awesome) Maybe even a troll navy. The allied races could have their own themed camps or outpost set up near or right next to a major city that they prefer to work with.

The goal of this breather expac would be to sort of replenish and/or rebuild from the devastation of just about everything we’ve seen up to Legion. The time gap for this breather expac could take anywhere from 2-7 years during which we could see faction story lines build upon major characters / faction leaders and allied races as Horde and Alliance rebuild from many devastating years of destruction and loss of life.

Now I say all of this because every time I logged in during BfA (except last month because I un-subbed) I could only think to myself… Why? This storyline is just bad. I’d like to think the Horde in large are ready to kick Sylvannas out. I’m surprised no one jumped her immediately LIKE IMMEDIATELY. That aside, I play a night elf character. I went through the BfA pre-launch event, saw the tree burn. I’m ready to do something about it. But nah. I’m running around doing errands for four-ish months helping Jaina figure out how to get on mom’s good side, its not like I just watched my race get put to the torch. Oh wait, NOW we can do something about that.

To sum all this up and get to the Orginal Post: I am resubbing for one month and then I’m very likely to leave for a long time. I want to see where the Night Elf story line is going to go because I love night elf lore, but I don’t want to stick around for the long haul to see how this expansion will end. I know the game is called world of WARcraft, but it really needs a restoration period from my perspective.

Edit: Want to thank all those who took the time to read this wall of text. You’re awesome.

(Sarestha) #250

First of all, I’m gonna be a nerdy web historian (because I like keeping track of dates) and say that with the exception of Cataclysm, every version of WoW from Vanilla to BfA has lasted one year in lore. That means that the entirety of Wrath was in a year, the entirety of Legion was in a year, and so on. As such, each expansion has actually taken LESS time in the WoW universe than it has in real life. Vanilla started in 25 ADP (after the Dark Portal) and we’ve juuuust hit 33 ADP, meaning that EVERYTHING we’ve done in WoW has been a grand total of 8 years IC.

With that in mind, I agree… the people of Azeroth need a break. Though I reckon a break expansion would get pretty dull. What I’d like to see would be an explicit timeskip. Let’s have a cinematic that says “Five years have passed since _____” or a bit more or less as the case may be… but let’s see the world recover a little before the next war pops up. We’ve had WAAAAY too many conflicts in way too short a time.

Edit: If you ever need a timeline, check out this one! The folks at Wowpedia have gone to tremendous effort to put it together, since Blizzard has yet to release their own timeline. It’s a really good point of reference, taken solely from established in-game lore, and compiled into a single document. https://wow.gamepedia.com/Timeline_(unofficial)#World_of_Warcraft

(Ursuola) #251

I disagree. The Horde has demonstrated repeatedly that they’re totally down with the sort of thing Sylvanas is doing…

…which is why I agree that we need a time skip, but ideally for like, 30 years or more.

It’s tough to like a faction when its members not only behave like complete sociopaths, but come from a long history of sociopathy. Having a “changing of the guard,” so to speak, within the Horde would go a long way toward making it more palatable.

(Sarestha) #252

Yeah… Plus it’d be nice to see a bit of a next-generation story. Most of our toons are long-lived anyway, at least to some extent. And the way it is, too many people have died in too short a time. Like, ICly, Thrall was still Warchief like 5 years ago. Look at the shtuff that’s gone down in that short while. It’s exhausting. Even as a player.

(Ellivara) #253

A time-skip has… down-sides and benefits, tbh, especially for roleplayers. It could be a changing of the guard, but do you trust Blizzard to -actually- hold to that? We could just end up losing 30+ years and end up losing characters we RPed just to the fact that some of them do still age, only to end up with the same story.

Honestly, I’m not sure a time-skip would be worth it.

(Kurukwa) #254

We get a time skip, just give me WoW 2 with everything updated. I don’t need some crazy next gen graphics. Literally anything on par with how racial leaders look, but for everyone or better yet, Heroes of the Storm standard of graphics.

(Ellivara) #255

I don’t think we need a time-skip to fix the issues with the story right now. We need writers who know what they’re doing, first of all. Second? We should look at -what makes the Horde susceptible to this-.

They’re a dictatorship. I’m not saying that to be melodramatic or anything. They -are-. By and large, what the Warchief says goes. It’s in their oath.

Thrall was a dictator. He was a benevolent one, yes - one that was loved for the most part. But still a dictator.

At this point, Blizzard has one of two options - either just cut it out and -stop writing it-, or make it so the Horde is less likely to be abused by leadership in this fashion.

The Horde has multiple leaders. Make each leader a part of a council. That’d make situations where every leader is forced into something by the ‘warchief’ not a thing. I know that’s not how the Horde functions, but this is an in-universe fix, so.

Otherwise? Dissolve both factions, or dissolve the Horde and blend them into the Alliance. Every race can still have its own culture, and there can still be conflict, but having conflict on this scale constantly is exhausting and Blizzard has proven they can’t write it well as they are - at least in my own opinion.

Otherwise… I dunno. I don’t see things changing otherwise, as they are. It’s an easily abused position, that of Warchief.

Edit --> The option of just not writing the conflict as it is is still a thing too, mind. That’d be preferable to what we have now. This is meant as an in-universe alternative to a time-skip to logically fix things - and honestly? Sometimes, if you want things to work, the best way to do it is to force them to work. This would be a way to force the issue.

(Serph) #256

A time skip and new game would be fine at this point. Game needs fresh blood, not just from a story level but a very technical one.

Nothing’s stopping anyone from just… RPing the same characters they are now. Game and items gonna end at some point, after all.

(Azhaar) #257

The idea of WoW 2 appeals just because this game does, indeed, need a hard reboot. It not only lacks a lot of customization features that are practically required for any modern game, but pretty much cannot have those added in its given state due to how it is set up to begin with. Every expansion makes the code an ever-more lumbering mess, and the times have long since passed it by.

I don’t think Blizzard will invest the resources in that, honestly.

(Eledriss) #258

My two main reservations about a timeskip would be that one, like you guys said, some of our characters do age – but two, if we suddenly lost X number of years and were now that far in the future, I’d have to decide whether to try and RP parts of all that time at some form of accelerated pace, or just roughly outline, with my RP partners, what we wanted to say had happened.

Option one would be tricky to pull off without getting really behind on whatever the current story was, and option two means there’s no chance for characters to take things in unexpected directions.

I would kind of like to see, though, what Blizzard envisions the future of Azeroth to be – and also whether jumping ahead might shake them out of some of their tropes. Just maybe.

(Azhaar) #259

It’s increasingly clear to me that Blizzard has no vision for Azeroth’s future. They seem to be making this stuff up as they go at this point, and not with any great attention to detail.

(Eledriss) #260

This is admittedly fair. I think they’ve said that they have a plan, and implied that what they’re doing now was planned for some time, but if there was or is indeed a plan then I think it might be vague enough to be broadly outlined on a couple of stacked post-its.

(Sarestha) #261

My only qualm with this would be losing ALL of the stuff we’ve accomplished already. I suspect a lot of players wouldn’t come back. We’ve worked hard for our achieves, our transmog, our gold, etc. The idea of leveling all my toons again is also a horrific one xD

But it’s true, Azeroth does need a technological reboot.