What do you think Alliance?

If Incendius were to be merged with any server, how do you all feel about possibly having to change your name?

From what I understand that is one of the reasons why ActivisionBlizzard is against merging servers.

Not willing to change my name. Had this name for my original WoW character back in the day, won’t play as anything else.

Not that you would HAVE to change your name. It would just be if Incendius was merged with another server, and someone already had the name Daykiller. You MIGHT have to change you name then.

Anyone else care to chime in? Does Alliance even care if the remaining Horde population quits or transfers off of Incendius?

Because a lot of people on Horde side are at their wits end. Could you imagine your auction house only having 63 auctions? That is what it was like this morning over here. Lowest it has ever been. We haven’t ever had over 350 auctions in the last two weeks. Even at peak times.

We are struggling to get two Kara groups together. So trying to do 25 mans is probably not going to happen. If nothing has changed on the server when P2 hits and everything from that point on is 25mans, most of us will be gone.

I do miss WPvP, PvP is my main enjoyment in BC. But realistically you don’t need the other fraction at all in TBC. It’s not like AQ40 where you needed the opposite fraction to do stuff. SWP stuff is time gated I believe and not actually player involved, but my memory is bad.

But going back to the original question, if there’s a chance, I’m not willing to risk it.

I wouldn’t have to worry about a name change, but that doesn’t matter to me. I wish the server would glow up just a little bit on both sides… A horde presence out there would be nice…

Have you guys tried recruiting on the forums see if you can tempt some unique raiders over that are tired of mega server life?

This is why instead of merging into one, you just connect them (what’s the difference?).

This way it’s tweaked-incendiud and tweaked-mankrik.

Fairest solution.

Yeah I think this would be best. Since TBC is already not “no changes” even according to Blizzard.