What do you think about Ion saying he prefers BG experience over arena?

In Ions recent interview he speaks about how he’s always preferred BGs over arenas. He said, “personally, I felt it’s the best part of WoW PvP,” when speaking about BGs and specifically, the new Battleground Blitz, over “death match style” arena.

It’s around the 20minute mark in the new interview.


Deathmatch arena creates an spec-balancing arms race with regard to dps, defensives, crowd control, disruption, and mobility.

It is an arms race that has been destructive to the game in so mant different ways.

Objective based PVP is generally more enjoyable and less stringent to balance, but the issue of getting 10 people together to do endgame objective-based pvp is very offputting. I suspect BGB will be enormous.


Probably, but what about arena enjoyers? Since it’s inception arena has been the main focus of PvP in terms of balance. Will devs move away from that? With shuffle and BGB becoming the future of WoW PvP?

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I hope they add some kind of mount to either SS or blitz

Makes sense. When I first started doing PvP, I loved bg and honestly… didn’t enjoy arenas much. It was only after I got better that the experience changed. I think if they improved the bg experience it would be a boon for rated pvp as well.

That said, I hope he understands they are really spreading the player base too thin these days. :frowning:


BGs were the foundation of WoW PvP, pre-dating arena. Anyone who played in Classic has a soft spot for Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If the implication is that we can expect some sort of favoritism to BGs over Arena, I highly doubt that will be the case for two reasons; because Arena has seen much more attention both in competitions and balancing, and because I don’t think this is a new found opinion. Anyone who has this opinion is likely an old school player (this is NOT to say all old school players share this opinion).


I cant say its surprising. Ive always preferred arena but i think thats the minority opinion. Bgs are always pretty popping but they better figure out a way to make sure its not overflowing with premades like casual bgs do.


I doubt blizzard cares, and quite frankly, I don’t think they should.

Their lives would be so much simpler, so hopefully for everyone’s sake.

The same people that inflate the SS ladders from a popularity perspective will almost assuredly move to exclusively queueing BGB once live.

I could see arena staying and SS going before the vice versa. That being said, BGB is either the future, or WoW PvP has no future hyperbolic as that may be.


When TBC hit, Arena initially became the focal point of endgame pvp because it was the only means of pvp that granted endgame gear. When Cata hit, RBGs were great but arena was still more convenient for people gearing.

I hope so. I’d even go beyond that and be willing to remove rating and CR from “rated” pvp entirely and instead make the structured brackets give bonus honor toward a vanilla-inspired ranking system.

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battlegrounds are significantly easier to follow from a viewer PoV
it would genuinely make more sense if rbgs were WoWs esport

just not current rbgs where 1 tank spec is just literal god
and you play 4 moron boomkins who can blink around the map in 0.2 seconds with the best cc in the game easily defending,capturing, or spinning any flag better than virtually anyone else
who then also do a completely undeserved 400k dps with their 2 little moron dots outside of their little moron 200-0 single target window on a cooldown 50% shorter than it should be

(perfect spec)


That’s the biggest issue in Que times. Spread way too thin for the slumbering base.

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I’ve always been curious how GW2’s (singular) ranked mode would work in wow

(3 bases, stand in point for 4 sec to neutralize it, 12 additional to cap it, one point per sec per base, 5 points for a kill, each map has a secondary objective away from the 3 bases, maps are designed for no mounts)

I’d bet on it being terrible but like I’m still curious

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It means that he is actually sane and not insane.

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I don’t think they could make a pvp system that is more terrible than modern wow arena.

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“Queuing Solo Shuffle now opens up an Xbox 360 emulation of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand instead of actually playing Solo Shuffle”

wait that might still be an improvement, let me cook


I used to love pvp, including arena. Now I love pvp, minus arena, because it just feels like a chore. My enjoyment of arena actually went down as my rating went up.


the higher up you go, the less you get to play the game

nerf cc


Some RBG group requirements were always crazy to me. I also didn’t want to sit in voice with 9 other people with some screeching because someone wasn’t on the enemy disc priest.

As long as queue times aren’t bad, Blitz could be fun. Too bad everything I’m seeing about TWW looks horrible. Melee are getting crazy amounts of mobility, like they didn’t already, so it’s going to be pointless to even try and kite. You’ll almost have to be strictly Blitz because you won’t have fun in arena.

Idk, it’s still early, but definitely not impressed so far.


I’m all for melee losing mobility as long as ranged classes have to deal with a genuinely terrifying moment when melee catch them.

It is time to undo the normalization of stamina and health. Casters should have approximately 70% as much health as melee as it was in the old days, and I’m sick of pretending otherwise.


I agree. It was bgs and world pvp all day. I did arena to cap for gear and that was it.

My priorities in-game kinda shifted over time though to the competitive side of arena especially with wpvp being fairly non-existent and there being zero incentive to do bgs at all.

But that said I think solo que RBGS would be super great for the game. WoW’s pvp is best in larger objective-based combat and less reliant on tuning (to an extent). But I’ve done a bit of current “beta” BGB and I’m not sold on it. I don’t like the smaller group sizes, faster mounts/game pace, and power ups. Just normal solo que RBGs with the original bg format is what I’m looking for.

Also if it is to succeed they need to incentivize it with rewards that would attract casuals and pve’ers.