What do you guys think of Feral?

OG feral was a lot of bleeds and then they turned into a bite bot around BFA/SL and now they are back to having more power in their bleeds but also a major complaint of them now is lacking the ability to close games

So I’m just curious what everyone thinks, does Feral needs another DF type rework or is the spec in a good spot at its core?

I thought most people just didn’t want Regrowth to be a dead button.


Played as Feral for a good while, then swapped out to Guardian. It seemed almost like a trade-off. Low dps, but hardly nothing can take you down when you do solo, and questing stuff. As well as Insta-Q’s for Dungeon and Raids. Haven’t looked back since

I first played feral in SL and it was a ton of fun, maybe this isn’t objective but it feels like a gutter spec in DF

It’s nice that bleeds are more powerful.

Its Regrowth needs serious buffing. It never should’ve been exempt from the hybrid buffs to begin with, because now it’s severely underpowered.

In general as a long time druid player I’d love for both Feral & Balance to have more, better HoTs. That part of the class fantasy has atrophied to irrelevance, and it’s a shame. One solution to this could be to re-add Cenarion Ward as a powerful HoT CD – ideally in place of Wild Growth in the talent tree, which is not particularly desirable for non-resto specs.

One tiny little change that robbed a little fun from me was moving Starsurge out of the critical path on the druid talent tree. Early in the expansion, it was fun lobbing Starsurges while kiting as Feral.

Though that brings me to a larger point, which is that the druid talent tree sucks, sucks, sucks. So many wasted points to get to critical things, as well as things that should be baseline (e.g. Sunfire splash; Soothe). It feels terrible. Cyclone costs 5 points to even get to!


I really like feral right now although I wish it wasn’t so squish.

It’s fine just play with an aug like every other feral and you’ll never die.

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Well nothing ever needs a rework. A rework is only required when devs are too cooked to figure out how to balance things (listening).

Feral is fine. It’s just out here hanging. Massive difference between a top feral and a decent feral.

Cyclone frenzy needs to be removed, regrowth needs to matter again (it’s a hybrid) and survival instincts could prob use a slight duration boost.

It just feels like a squishy damage bot atm, doesn’t feel like a druid at all.

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I think they need to stay out of the Moonguard Goldshire Inn and RBGs as the court dictated.

It’s so pitiful lol

The fact that arms warriors out heal feral druids says a lot about the state of pvp.

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To be fair, arms outheals a LOT of specs…

I agree though, all that needs toned down. As boomy I’m like bottom healing in every single game.

Feral getting wild attunement but not getting in on the hybrid healing buff was fried and only motivated by rss existence imo