What do you get when you cross a priest, a paladin, and a shaman?

I’m coming back to the game after 6 months off, and I’m looking for a horde guild full of goofballs who believe laughing is as important as leveling. We should probably try to get some loots too. Sweet sweet loots.

I’m in EST and would like to stick to servers in that time zone. Server transferring is fine with me.


  • 382 Resto Shaman
  • 359 Ret/Prot Paladin
  • 353 Disc Priest

My interests include M+, long walks on the beach, occasional raiding, foosball, and pvp. Let’s go smash some pixels! I’m ThisGuyKnowsCode#0523 on Discord.

Foosball is the debil, Bobby Bouche! Ahem, sorry a little offtopic there… Anyhow, if you’re able to do 10pm-1am EST, we would love to have a Disc Priest on our team. Vitae Rising is an adult-only (18+) guild on Thrall that raids Tues and Thursdays. We are an intentionally small guild, because we value quality over quantity and look for people we will actually enjoy playing with. We are currently 7/9H, and outside of raids we enjoy pushing keys and even have a few folks who dabble in pvp. If you’re interested, you can add me at Rawrabear#1450 or Fenrirulv#4433 (discord).

Hah! I haven’t seen that movie in too long, it’ll have to work its way into the rotation so I can get some high-quality H2O. 10-1’s a little too late for me on a week night though.

I have no idea why it says Dethcow; it’s still me.

Yo! We are currently looking for a ret paladin. Check us out! Raid times are Tues/Weds 9:30p-12:30a EST.


Discord contacts: