What do you do to your gear at near max item level?

I want to know what to do next for when I get to around 470 item level.

You socket all your gear and apply the appropriate corruption on them.

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Corruption and gems. Then gg you’re as strong as possible.

Personally I just do the content I enjoy and don’t worry too much about gear once you’re almost at cap.

Hello guys, I need a little help too, I’m around 430 ilvl and I don’t know how to proceed now to increase my ilvl. WQ is giving me gear around 415-420.

I would recommend doing Mythics and Mythic+ instances for gear above iLevel 430. I also would start raiding the Ny’alotha, the Waking City raid for gear.

Also, If Timewalking is up for either Burning Crusade or Cataclysm, Do the Timewalking raid as gear in those scale to iLevel 445 gear.

Best of luck to you! :slight_smile:

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