What do I do now?

I’ve been playing the game casually for the past 3 months, and been having a lot of fun. I just hit level 120. What do I do now?

I completed the quest to unlock world quests.
How do I progress from here? Do I do dungeons? The queue for the dungeon finder seems kind of long as dps.

I’m just not even sure where to look or where to being.

Any tips would be appreciated.


Doing world quests will be a quick way to increase your item level. I hit 120 last night on an alt and plan to hit some Azerite quests tonight to unlock the powers on my Naz gear. Doing the Nazjatar starting quest will improve your weapon if nothing else. From there it’s a wide array of things to do!


End of leveling questlines, war campaign, if you want to do end game content, gear up and run dungeons, m+ dungeons, raids, etc.

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This might help.

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Thanks everyone. I ended up continuing the war campaign and got to nazjat… Er however it’s spelled. Got that super cool sword from the quest. Then ran around and did some world quests for better gear. Pretty fun.

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Careful, Naj can be rough with low level gear and no flying. Collect mana pearls and buy benthic gear. Also level up those helpers.


Buy some cheap ilvl 400 stuff off ah, get rolling in dungeons/lfr/visions.

Run guild stuff. :+1:

When you head out to work on the zones (Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms) for the cloak be warned at lower item level it can be tough.

There are so many things to do. From pet battles, instanced and world pvp, to mythic dungeons and raiding or just poking about the world. You could work on professions, collecting gold, mounts, transmogs and pets. As you play try everything a few times, even if you think it might not be fun. Island expeditions, warfronts, dungeons, battlegrounds and what not. There is something for everyone.

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Thanks for the info! Yeah I guess I understand there’s a ton to do, I just wasn’t sure where to start.

You want to pick up the quest line that unlocks Nazj. This will give you a 370 weapon and unlock the next parts.

This will send you to Magni who will have you go to Mount hyjal and unlock your neck essence as well as increase your neck to level 50.

Then Magni will send you on the beginning of your legendary cloak quest line. On the way you will get at least three decent (420+) pieces of gear.

A couple of guides to help you on your way.

From there you can:

  • Do dungeons (heroic then mythic plus)
  • Do the warfronts
  • Do LFR (Looking for raid)
  • Work on unlocking flying.
  • Do island expiditions.
  • Kill world bosses.
  • Do the Uldum/Vale invasions.
  • Do heroic Visions to upgrade your cloak.
  • Work on leveling professions.
  • Work on unlocking more essences.
  • Invasions.
  • World PvP
  • Arenas (although you will want gear first.)
  • Random battle grounds.
  • The weekly quest right outside of the inn. (gives an extra reward for different types of content that changes each week.)

You just missed time walking but this can be a great way to get gear on fresh 120’s. If you still find yourself below 425 by the next time it rolls around I’d suggest it.

Finally in your down time you can try to clear old raids, hunt down rare mounts, collect pets, work on achievements.

If you have any questions about any of this you can ask here or google it. Wowhead usually has good guides on everything.

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It really doesn’t matter where. You could pick up quests as you go and the game will drag you around. Work on improving your gear along the way, that is the slider bar for difficulty. The better gear you have the easier the game gets then you will reach a level where you are comfortable with the content you are doing.

So if I want to progress to mythic dungeons I have to do heroic missions? Are the heroic missions just the ones in the dungeon finder? Right now it just says random bfa dungeon as my option to queue for.

Check out Ragnok’s post. Mainly if you want to focus on group type content, get your item level as high as you can and study your class. Get good at playing a warrior. When you start to figure out what you want to do, focus on those things. There is a ton of information from fan sites and places like https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/.
My post was a broad things to do. Once you start to figure out what you actually like to do you can narrow your focus on them.

edit: Be patient the game is not going anywhere. It’s a huge game so take it slow. I’ve seen too many people get discouraged and quit trying to go too fast.

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