What did they do to professions?

Since becoming an Alchemist when I created this toon last month, there has always been a profession quest in my quest log. (Not that I ever asked for this, and I wish to God it would go away.)

The problem I have is that when I make the minor healing potion, it never tells me where to turn it in to get rid of this quest. What do I do with the potion once I’ve made it?

I hope these quests don’t keep coming up.

Also, since appearing on Dragon Isles and building my Herbalism to level 25, I’m getting a message saying, “You have unspent Professional Specialization Knowledge.”

And? Is there something I’m supposed to do about it to improve professions?

Evidently, our Dev team never learned, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Open your herbalism skill. On the bottom is a tab with a “talent” tree you can spend those points on. It will lead to different paths like help you gather higher quality herbs or stuff like that. It’s 200% more involved than before. I’m liking it so far but I see it kind of as stagnant. I’m sure it will continue to be built upon.

The potions I think you should turn in to your main alchemist person, probably the one who gave you the quest. These weekly quests are designed to give you more “talent” points for both your crafting and gathering professions. As stated above under your “alchemy” tab you will also have a talent system there to help unlock recipes and increase what kind of alchemist you start out progressing as.

Alchemy is a lot different that the others, I personally have not done it but the theory of it for BS and LW is sound. You spend talent points in specializing in weapons first, bladed or clubs, then you can branch out and spend points making better armor, chest piece first then helms etc.

For as long as I remember crafting was just sit In front of a trainer and span craft stuff to max level and it’s done. And all the stuff you made was ultimately trash. This new system is a good start to make it all relevant again.

No offense but you keep posting and in this case it’s just LOOK at what it says, and do it. It’s very hand hold, and upfront. click the tab where it is and it explains it all. You have to try. :frowning: And the crafting WAS broke. and boring, and no point whatsoever for many expansions. At least it’s relevant now you just need to stop complaining about everything imo. NO OFFENSE

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It’s…unfortunately easy, to get yourself in a bind on some of the professions. I recommend using a guide.

https :// www.wowhead. com/guide/professions/alchemy/specialization-builds-dragonflight

My enchanting/tailor got stuck on both where he had nothing he could craft that would level him without getting very high rep with one faction or another or buying very expensive patterns, or getting very lucky and getting the rare drop myself. Don’t paint yourself into the corner like I did. Use a guide.