What did instance locks solve exactly?

I am not selling or buying boosts, but after the instance lockouts thing, only thing I noticed is boosters taking their price up a little bit. So what did change? If it changed anything at all?

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It slowed down botting operations slightly, caused some hardcore players to play differently, and got a lot of people arguing on the forums telling others how to enjoy World of Warcraft.

Not ideal.


AV, premades, and instance caps. Someone should make a song about these three!

Nothing of consequence really.

Nothing. Just like their lotus “fix.”

They said…

How effective it was at that, nobody but Blizzard knows. And if they say they know, they’re just talking out of their azz.

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It accomplished one thing… and one thing only. It further proved how out of touch and incompetent the people at Actiblizzard have become.


Then how would YOU handle it? If you are going to say this about it, atleast say how they should fix it instead of just complaining.

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it didnt do anything at all, given the zg fly hacking is still occurring.

with new character creation being unlocked on whitemane and other full servers recently, we’ve got a whole new generation of bots ready and roaring to go, rendering this change completely useless.

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Everyone is an armchair developer that has the ultimate solution for dealing with bots. If Blizzard handed them the keys, bots would be completely wiped out overnight, and the game would flourish and jump back up to 12M active subscribers in less than a week.

Unfortunately, these players are ignored so we’ll never learn their master technique.


True, very true…

BUT they never tell us what their solution is! They just tell us how stupid Blizzard is for not doing this OBVIOUS thing…

I’m not a cheating goldseller either…so I don’t know. Why would normal players know how exploiters operate, and what impact this change makes on them. Cheaters know, but probably are not in this forum.

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You are assuming that they are trying to stop all botting. They’re not, and they can’t, because it’s impossible. Economic forces are at work. The goal is to make it less profitable for them so that some botters say, you know what, it’s just not worth it anymore and stop doing it, so the average number of bots are reduced.

It’s like the war on drugs. It’s not a war that can ever be won.

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stop commenting with your green gear and go play the game all i see is you constantly white knighting every post

Supposedly to combat bots.

But I still see bots creating new characters all the time.

The spawning an alliance character in a GY over and over for the bots to farm is a new one to me.

They created a system where more bot farmers spend more money on monthly subscriptions to bot/farm in the game.

There are some very interesting interviews on Youtube that talk about the prime of Vanilla WoW and how there were around 400k bot accounts and that the person who financially was tied to this explained that there was a reason they weren’t banned at once, despite the capability being there, in that it would be a substantial hit to the World of Warcraft monthly revenue.

In my opinion, the same thing is happening now, in that there are hundreds of thousands of WoW bot accounts used exclusively for WoW Classic, and Blizzard knows this, and they know the monthly revenue hit would be substantial if they banned them, so rather than remove bots entirely, they leverage bots in a manner to increase their revenue while minimizing impact to players. For example, they shape the bot farmer experience in a way that a) Makes botting/gold selling still profitable, while b) Maximizing revenue by requiring bot farmers to spend more and more, shaving their own profits in lei of Blizzard now receiving a larger share due to more accounts needed to bot farm.

Remember that Wowhead, Thottbot, Allakhazam, they all sold to the company that was the largest gold farming selling WoW site back in the day. The literal gold selling company bought those assets.


i uh… dont know if that comparison is really going to be a good argument for blizzard’s toothless war on bots.

i suppose both are equally ineffective, with goals made in bad faith.


It solved the davinci code

To prevent retail players from playing classic the retail way lol

How about you stop reading what I post if it upsets you :upside_down_face:

It’s all about maximizing profit, baby.