What covenant is better

I’m a shadow priest I really enjoy PvP but I know ill be doing m+ and raiding also… I’m currently with venthyr but I’ve seen a lot of spriests with night fae what’s the best one to go with?

What’s your priority?

Venthyr is necessary for competitive rated pvp. Not just mind games but the soulbinds as well.

NF requires you being locked into sfp legendary and mindbender talent to maximize dps. And it will do more pve dps.

If you’re mostly gonna do casual pvp like wpvp or random bgs, don’t matter imo

NF Shadow Priest does more overall PvE dps and has extra utility with the damage reduction faerie you can throw on tanks in M+ and in raids.

Venthyr is just better overall for PvP because Mind Game hits for a lot and can win fights.

alright thanks guys think i might just stay with venthyr as eventually i wanna do rated on my spriest :slight_smile: