What corruptions to get now that we're getting a vendor?

Before I was just using whatever I could get my hands on but now that we’re getting a vendor I have options, or at least I will. What are the BiS corruptions for Fury? Gushing Wound? Crit damage? Twilight Dev? Anybody got some data I can comb over?

pushes Easy button Done.

Don’t waste your time with Crit Damage. Now that there’s going to be a vendor I wouldn’t touch anything but TD, Severe (% Crit), and GW.

Logically there should be a point where crit damage passes crit percentage. Where you are critting so often it becomes more valuable to increase the damage of the crits rather then fish for more. Maybe that value simply can’t be reached.

Answered your own question.

You’re not considering all the things crit does for us besides some extra damage. The CSHB dot doesn’t scale with crit damage, nor does the rage gain for example. Sim it if you’re really curious. If your focus is AoE/M+ it won’t be able to give you a solid answer, but for ST it can tell with certainty.

So TWD would probably be a major focus if you are only doing M+, but if you’re trying to have a set that is at least competitive for both ST and M+ how much Dev would be ideal before you begin to add on other corruptions. As getting 2 complete sets of gear that are BiS for ST and for M+ is cost and time consuming.

Wait, theres a corruption vendor coming?

I have a quick question. The wowhead guide lists different weights for gushing wounds, assuming that the amount of damage is increased on what ilvl the gear it procs on. Do we know yet if the purchasable corruption will scale to ilvl or will it be a set damage? If it doesn’t scale would I be correct to assume that a severe3 would then be a better dps choice for me than a gushing1 at an ilvl equivalent of 430?

Hard to say. What content are you gearing for, what Corrupted gear do you already have, what good swap pieces do you have to apply vendor Corruptions to, how much Corruption are you comfortable running? Also how much do you want to go all-in on a single Corruption type versus having a little diversity? I mean, do you really want all TWD and nothing else, or is it better to have some Severe and GW mixed in there?

It’ll take a little while for the new meta to evolve. No one’s sure how it’ll shake out yet.

Anything can happen, but I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t scale to the ilvl of the item you put it on. That said, bugs and technical limitations are a real thing, as evidenced by the inability to re-corrupt cleansed gear for the time being. Whenever GW becomes available to buy, I would just make sure not to be the first person to find out either way.

If you’re only worried about raid, you can go with your sim, but if M+ damage is important to you, it really needs to be 470+ to keep up with Severe.

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RIP Gushing wound.

Was finally about to wear my gushing wound piece while staying below 39 corruption last week. =(

Hah! Well, at least that makes the decision a lot simpler.

Gushing Wound getting nerf by 35%.

I could cry. I have 485 gauntlets just begging for it.

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