What comp have you

had the most success with, and during what expansion?




big brain wod mw tsg :kissing_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

I’m only somewhat functional playing double healer or double wizard.

Shadowcleave in wotlk.

BM Thug in BFA.

Kittycleave and DH/Boomy in Shadowlands.

  1. Healed lock/sham/druid in wod to 2197. Coulda got higher but for some reason they just stopped wanting to que mains lol… We had a 60% win rate, I was pretty sad lol. Definitely my highest.
  2. Healed rsham/ret/spriest in legion S1 to 2150ish
  3. Healed some thug cleave, which was super fun, in BFA to 2k

A wide variety of stuff to 2k.

Worst comps: anything melee cleave related. Lfg melee cleaves past 1800 kinda suck. Los like crazy, don’t peel or do proper set ups. Just zug zug.

For me oddly enough it was shadow play in SL season 1

First season ever, KFC. Then I swapped to ele and played Ele/Destro/Hpal up until shadowlands. Now I just queue whatever because my partners quit until DragonLands.

Aff spriest in 2s. This expansion

Played boomy/ele and dancing with the stars in BFA S2 to just under 2200, those were really fun

Aff outlaw

L/S/M in mop or else ele/feral/holy priest

I duno. I tend to have the most success when I app to LFG and Sockems applies. Lol

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Between Jungle and Thug alternating between xpacs/seasons

I need me a sockems to play with :pensive:

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Innovator of all 3 mage specs for that comp with Volkazar and Maytwelve.

Same thing goes for WW/Spri with Bubblexo & Baabaaqanush.

Ret Rogue X Like Thug and RMP but more utility for allies.

tschi/twd all of sl

You name drop these people like anybody knows or gives a fk

I qd with axtin on a ww it was sick dude

Axtin dude

Disc ele ww with axtin

Back two weeks ago with axtin invented a comp was sick


I could say I played with bobbillyjoe the 6th of Newbrunswick and they’d still have more relevance than anything you say.

Calm down pumpkin.