What choose: Som server or classic era server?

SoM is over, can’t make a new character

I just started on Whitemane server and I have seen people online at different hours of the day. I do not agree that the game is dead.

Same here. Started on horde side and there are usually around 30-50 players from lvl 1-40 lvling. If everyone looking for a server starts there, then that number will double and triple in no time.

Yes population is low but it took us 5 minutes to form a RFC group yesterday.

If you are looking for a server, consider it.

Edit: horde was running MC, BWL and Naxx last night.

Blizzard has demonstrated the capabilitiy to unite the Classic Era playerbase with realm connections yet has passively observed the community remain fractured for over a year since the first round of connections took place.

The ball is in their court and they’re choosing not to play.


You can have a loner experience just about anywhere by simply not interacting with people. Its easier on most Era clusters as populations range anywhere from 50-100 people or 400-500 depending on faction and cluster.

Season of Mastery was intended to run for about a year. It’s been over a year now since it started, and they have announced that you will be unable to enter from February 14th, 2023.

Thank you for information.
It is not worth start on som servers today then.

AFAIK, you can transfer off them for free to Classic Era or WotLK servers. With the 100% bonus XP/Gold for questing, if you are going completely solo, it’ll probably be faster to level on SoM than Classic Era.

If you’re planning on playing WotLK though, then there’s a Joyous Journeys (50%) XP buff for the next month that started yesterday.

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The Mankrik PVE cluster has a couple hundred people leveling.

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4pm EST there are 40 lvl 60 Alliance and 22 lvl 60 Horde on Whitemane/Thunderfury (West PvP). It’s good but not great, far better than Thalnos/Earthfury (East PvP) where I have been the only person on for both sides.

Hopefully, more people will fill these vacuums.

Clarification here: There are two PvP East-coast clusters. You are referring to the PvP East 2 cluster (Earthfury, Herod, Kirtonos, Kromcrush, Skeram, Stalagg, Sulfuras, and Thalnos).

I play Horde on the PvP East 1 cluster (Benediction, Faerlina, Heartseeker, Incendius, and Netherwind). Don’t get me wrong, we’re a small community but it’s not a single-player experience. Our guildies are a mix of veteran, new, and returning players that engage in all types of play from leveling, dungeoning-questing, pvp ranking, and, now that more of us are at max level, raiding. Our latest raid got us halfway through ZG. We’re happy to welcome anyone that feels like joining us as we progress through Classic WoW’s content.

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Good to know that the other east coast PvP cluster is doing better population wise.

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dude stop telling people to play on pvp eastern its dead af ur scaring people away from classic era ur realm never has more than 10 ppl on it

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He is unbelievable isn’t he

he needs to just get his whole realm to transfer to whitemane, ive got a lvl 40 stuck over there and everytime i log on its less than 7 people his behavior on the fourms has made me not want to level it

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I believe he has a hero syndrome being rank 13 and helping lowbies but never left cause of all that hard work with 1000 hks

Do you have any self-awareness? You’re quite literally doing exactly what you’re accusing me of in this post.

Just delete your account.

You’d be doing era a favor

trust me i dont feel good about it but u give me no choice. dont tell people to play on your realm people will log on and see 4 people and never play era again

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Metzen is back guys. Wow might be great again

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