What casuals dont understand

ML was an important tool for raiding, because everyone was expected to sacrifice for the greater good of the guild and the progression. Its not about you, you are insignificant, the guild comes before any person.

Casual players are some of the most selfish people around, they want everything to be about them “me me ME”. Its shameful and nauseating. No one will let those kinds of people within 10 miles of a raid.


You can still sacrifice for the greater good. You just have the choice to.

(If it’s not an upgrade)


casual players are the new generation
look man how many threads have u seen on general chat
“casual guild looking for raid leaders”
ok how can you be casual and hardcore raiders?
when you see sht like that





good bait there.

It will be abused eventually no matter the context… someone will always be left out.


Mythic guilds seem to be clearing and world first’ing just fine with personal loot.


we live in a time where everyone is a winner and is special


Oh ho ho ho, no. It was nepotism in 90% of cases at the very least. Great if you benefited from it, lame if you didn’t. Yeah sure in good well-run progression guilds, it’d probably be that way but how many people were in those where this happened all the time? The only time I did well in the game and raided seriously, it was STILL nepotism, I just benefited from it and thought it was great.

It’s not casual vs progression raiding. It’s ninjas/GM’s goons trying to come up with arguments to get people to go along with it. They want the new people to think that maybe, if they suck it up for now, just maybe, someday they will get the booterang.


Minus 200 DKP for the OP for making me read that.


im sick of you trying to look “cute” just because you have played the game since wrath


and why brag about playing wrath? would u dare brag about playing since cata?
dm me

Sacrifice for the greater good of the Master Looters and its Loot Council. It’s not about me but it’s not about them ninjalooters either. It’s all about FAIR and SQUARE.

Master Looting CAN BE ABUSED. And I dont want people to abuse it against me when I play with PuGs becoz more than 95% of my WoW gaming right now are with PuGs.


I’ve fallen victim to ML scams before. Guilds recruit “trial recruits” with pretty decent or even in some cases really good gear. To fill slots while making sure the people who are actually in the guild get all the loot. Then they get rid of the trial recruits after using them all up having no plans to actually ever give them a share of loot. It’s excellent that ML is gone.


You’re wasting your time.

Many players that post on GD are the “me first!” type player. They only care about their progression. They’ve never been in a good progression guild that makes sure gear goes to the player who will help them down the next aid boss the most.

They truly believe progression raiders are willing to sit quietly while the GM’s GF is funnelled gear.(what if the GM is a woman? derp!)

You won’t get through to them.


listen if you cant answer this question with in the next 3 minutes then you know nothing

what class actually had a talent of “improved wands”
3 min and counting

It wasn’t good for raiding.

It was terrible.

Loot often went to players who didn’t deserve it.

PL at least gives every a player a shot a loot.

Those players can also trade said loot

So every player who gets loot essentially has ML

/the end


ty for being honest for once

i still wont speak to you for the amber thing but atleast you admit you sucked at raiding which is why we had to kick you from the guild

ML SUCKS!!! I hate it so much in classic, I drop guilds like a hat if they have some stupid loot council (that is totally no bias towards irl friends or anything). For real it’s a stupid system “HURRDURR Prot Ughash warrior been with us for a while now but hurrrrdurr my bff buddy is going prot now so we be taken dat hehuehuehue”

Nah keep it gone, not a casual thing it’s a “lemme stick it to some rando and help my BFF out”

Oh thunderfury binding dropped?* thats gonna go to my bff who logs in once a week and just raids, not the guy in the guild whose doing trivial content to help the new bloods gear up faster and playing more then once a week

I feel bad for anyone that isn’t a tank and stuck under the rule of a loot council.

They’ll even take out a spread sheet and a google doc, seem all professional but it’s just wordy to throw you off, and to give themselves and friends extra fluff.

I’m sorry, but my experience in a serious setting with a loot council isn’t really serious at all.

ML is only nice when you’re pugging but nothing is reserved, and people can just /roll.


-50 DKP for you.


Rolls eyes* these are the same people who think my weekly chest shouldint have a mythic piece of gear and my dungeon chest should top at heroic. But I’m selfish ok. So how many people did you force to give up their gear when ML was a thing?

Edit: ML is never coming back btw