What brings you to Classic?


As the title states what draws you to play a classic?
For me, it’s a lot of things, but mainly the experience of the past.
To me, it’s like the ultimate TW dungeon.
I get to experience WoW in all its former ups and downs.



You bring me to classic.

(Morehwine) #3

It’s a long story, but it can be summarized like this:

  1. I used to be anti-legacy server, a long time ago.
  2. Then I saw a Nostalrius promotional video, and I got curious and downloaded it and played. This would have been around May of 2015 I think?
  3. I was stunned at how beautiful it all was, and terribly sad that all of it was lost, seemingly forever.
  4. Came back here a changed person, first arguing for a legacy server and then celebrating after its announcement.


See, this is what I want to delve into…the Nostalgia (however short lived it may be).
I started back in Cata with my brother (who rushed me through everything.)
I quickly became one of those “GO GO GO GO GO!” guys.
I then subsequently got burnt out by WoD and have been looking for the meaning of the game ever since.


Definitely came back for the nostalgia and to relive some WoW moments.

Also… I was a teenager in highschool when WoW first launched, so I was dumb back then, now I have a chance to do things over the way I should have.


The zones and PVP


No sir. You bring me to classic, not Op

(Megalon) #8

The lack of pandas. The lack of garrison. The lack of ruined world. Better, more thought out dungeons. Better class identity. Lots of reasons.

(Christhina) #9

I want to slow down, smell the roses.

I want to get off the treadmill that invalidates everything I did last patch.

I want to go back to well remembered and treasured places in the game that are no longer there.

I want a community of like minded people I can talk to, communicate with and enjoy the game with together, both in my guild and the wider realm community.

I want a community where the mentality isn’t “me me me” or “go go go” - this was shown admirably by the community in every stress test I played in.

And finally, I just want to go home - I’ve been gone too long.


Not really interested in Retail these days. I just liked the old mechanics and the old world better. I could make a huge post about all the things they’ve changed over the years that have turned Retail into a game where only progression in the current tier matters, but it’s been discussed to death elsewhere already.

I want WORLD of Warcraft, not Warcraft Season 23 - Rise of Azshara or whatever the latest patch is.


All the changes current WoW has. I prefer vanilla style game more so than any other expansion that was released after.

Back then I thought wow was going places and next step would be VR.

Then every expansion after it changed the core of the game. Progression in mmo was made by vanilla wow and degression after Vanilla for MMO RPGs.

Sure graphics increased and some add new technology but fundamentals were lost slowly.

(Volitar) #12

I played private server on a whim when I had some IRL stuff pop up and prevent me from commiting to a raid schedule in retail during WOD (outside of mythic raiding I don’t enjoy retail at all). I instantly fell in love, it was like a lightning bolt I forgot how good WoW use to be and never noticed that slowly everything I loved was chipped away from the game outside of Mythic raiding. It’s been hard for me to play retail ever since. I’ve usually raided 1 tier every expac and spent the rest of the time on private servers.


I like spending time , earning something, equipping it, 1 shotting people with it.

To keep it short and simple I like how classic forces connections through the leveling process and endgame. I have good friends and memories still to this day from the connections made. I don’t have memories like that since after WOTLK.


I want to see if Mankrik’s wife has been rezzed yet.


I’ve played every xpac and still nearly all of my best memories of WoW are from vanilla. Later versions of WoW have never been as fulfilling as the challenge of main healing end game on the pure hybrid support class that Paladin was in vanilla


Immersive gameplay


I really miss the old talent tree system. You could really play around with it and see the effects of your changes and choices. I miss the old pvp. The social aspect was so much more back then. People picked classes and specs that suited them and were fun for them to play. I do hate seeing threads in the forums that try to scare people away from any particular class or spec. Most people play for fun and most of those will never be in top tiered raiding guilds. I guess overall I miss the fun.

(Shendalar) #18

Want to try stuff I never got around to last time. Leveling professionals like fishing and stuff as I explore around, taking my time, and seeing all the dungeons I missed at an appropriate level instead of going back as a 100+ and soloing them.

(Realsteel) #19

Memories. I dont think i will play too long, i.e. past level 20 or thereabouts or even if i do it will be slow. Back then i was single and had all the time, now I have wife and kid, a 90 year old dad, 160 discus fish, a rabbit and a newly rescued kitty to tend to.
I don’t think I will play too long well i at least hope not to. :smiley:


I want the Vanilla experience on a Blizzard server. I started about halfway through TBC and played through most of WotLK. I skipped Pandas and came back for WoD, but was underwhelmed and only played about halfway through the Xpac.

I think I’ve spent more days played on Pservers than retail, but was always looking for that Bliz-like experience.

I looked at Legion briefly and I’m touristing in retail until Classic Launches, but I’m looking forward to an authentic vanilla experience and want to play the game the way it was originally created.