What are your thoughts on using voice chat for RP?

I have been thinking about how useless the in-game voice currently is (who actually uses it?) and thinking of ideas to put it to good use with a few tweaks.

How would you feel if the voice chat was default turned on while on an RP server and was also a proximity voice chat?

Now before you go saying “No that’s a terrible idea I don’t want to hear anyone and everyone screaming and yelling”, There would be toggles to disable it again first and foremost, as well as per character squelch/mute toggles, in and outgoing mic volume adjustment sliders still in effect, limited proximity range in cities and heavy populated areas so no one is cross talking over eachother, and again it would only be default turned on while on an RP server. (Like how sharding is usually turned off for RP servers)

And for those who want to sound like their RP character they can use voicemod to get their mic to make them sound exactly like or as close as possible to their character’s preferred voice.

What are your thoughts on bringing another RP dynamic to the game using voice chat in such a manner?

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horrible idea tbh and i would have it always off. i do not talk in public discord servers for a reason.

i don’t mind doing voice-based RP with people i know and trust, but the entire server is Not That.

If there was an option to make it party-only, I would see a use for it, but if it were public, I refuse.

I don’t think this would be a very good idea.

As a fan of virtual tabletop rpgs (D&D and the like) I am pretty use to rp’ing over voice, but that’s just in small controlled groups. And even with 6 or more people when everyone is talking and roleplaying it’s very hard to get a word in.

I really wouldn’t want to hear or deal with everyone else’s conversations/actions in crowded places especially if they aren’t involved with what I am doing.

I also personally have a peeve of people not using push-to-talk. It annoys the shizt out of me having to hear everything that is going on around them while they are sitting at their computer. Eating being a chief among them. I hate the sound of people chewing on mic.

So yeah. I am gunna have to pass.

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I’ve done voice RP in GTA. It’s…different. I’m not really a fan.

  • A lot of times my writing flows a lot better than what I’d just blurt out in voice.
  • I want my character to reflect them, not me.
  • There are days when I don’t really want to talk and will clam up because I’m out of spoons for that kind of engagement.
  • My characters don’t sound like me.

Considering that I’m not my character and that people in the RP community have enough problems with separating IC from OOC…

Not no, but hell no.

Also, as time has gone by in my gaming/RP life, I’ve come to learn that very little good ever comes from voice comms. Like at all. It’s to the point that I hate communicating even in FPS games or in raids/competitive PvP settings. I just CBA to put myself out to strangers on the Internet anymore. The more separation there is between who I really am and my characters/gameplay, the better.


I’m not a big fan of voice chat in general, and it seems like it’d be especially hard for RP unless you’re a really skilled voice actor capable of portraying lots of different kinds of characters. I don’t think I could believably portray anything other than, “nasally-voiced male nerd”, so…

It wasn’t a great game to begin with, but Fallout 76 stands out to me as a game that might have supported a larger RP community if it wasn’t so voice-comms focused (when I played it the game did not support text chat at all, and I don’t suppose that has changed). People like the Fallout setting, but I don’t know of anyone who RPed in-game for 76, only in discords where they could do text communication.

Kirsy mentioned GTA and that’s the main community that does have a lot of voice RP going on. I’d hazard that it is a little easier to voice act as “human american GTA character” than mystical 10,000 year old elf or animal person so just the setting might make it more accessible, but I wouldn’t wanna do it in GTA either.


The only way i see this working is if only one person gets to talk. Like at story circle.

Everyone else only gets to listen.

This, tbh.

The beauty of RP is that I can and do create a pretty diverse array of characters. Male and female, multiple races, etc etc.

My warlock, 109 year old Forsaken Male, speaks in a harsh, rattling whisper with a hint of an upper class British accent. My death knight, Forsaken 34, is a woman who speaks with the much more American accent of Lordaeron, and a feminine voice. My orc, 38 male, speaks with a deep rumble. I don’t have that kind of vocal range lmao.

I prefer to think of myself more as an author writing stories than an actor performing them. In doing so, i have a lot more to choose from, as my own Aussie accent can only take me so far. I have trolls and dwarves, elves and dracthyr, and even a mechagnome (admittedly a joke character. Varth Dayder. Was Flanakin Gearwalker before the incident). I could never, never, never replicate that with my voice. I could probably only play a human and even then you’d be wondering why my accent is weird, reflecting something that doesn’t appear in Azeroth.

So a big no from me, personally. If this became the norm, even with an opt in opt out system, I’d probably leave rp behind


I’m not personally opposed to it, but the character I would be RP’ing would have to match my voice, same for whoever else is involved. It would break with immersion to see someone playing a NE female that sounds like Barry White, no matter how entertaining that might actually be.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever made RP characters that sound like me? That’s an interesting thought. I think the only race that I could convincingly rep would be Trolls, but I don’t really play them.

In Warcraft, Norman here is my main RP char. I’ve always heard Norman’s voice as a slightly more grizzled Emmett Otter from the Emmett Otter Jugband Christmas movie. (if you haven’t seen it, watch it.) Representing Norman with my voice, wouldn’t be Norman.

I’m also not an actor, so I’m not sure I’d be able to convincingly pull off the transition from typing out my thoughts to essentially acting them out.

lastly, I’ve spoken briefly about the fact that I had a major TBI a number of years ago. Sometimes it takes me a while to formulate my thoughts. Writing is much easier for me, as it gives me time to think and read back what I’m writing before I hit send.

Outside of WoW (Kirsy mentioned GTA), I used to RP in voicechat with some IRL friends of mine who had a really immersive ARMA squad going. I did 20 years in the military, so it came naturally and superficially speaking, obvs my voice is going to fit in there.

Warcraft would be weird, I think. I’ve been playing so long that in my head, I have very particular dialects and tones that come to mind, when I see certain races/etc.

This would just mean your mic is run through voice mod or some program like that to alter how you sound if you wanted to match your RP character, or how they might sound.

As a D&D nerd who absolutely loves to do different voices for my characters, I wouldn’t mind experimenting with that kind of rp with people I’m very comfortable with, but I also appreciate written rp for the fact that I can think about my response and do far more in depth rp than I would when I’m doing Dungeons and Improv. Both have their place, and I like Warcraft rp as it is, a written medium.

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“Sef would be interested in removing her boots for the right price OPEN PARENTHESIS OPEN PARENTHESIS it’s gotta be at least 20k gold bruh CLOSE PARENTHESIS CLOSE PARENTHESIS.”


Full disclosure, I did not first read this as “boots.”

…first thought after misreading it, “I didn’t know they came off.”

I log into voice, everyone is prepared to hear the deep sensual voice of Juspion but instead get squeaky high pitch giggly me.

I do sometimes hang out in voice when I RP with my pals, we’ll sometimes quote things we are doing in RP and maybe do a little act but I just can’t see myself doing RP like that in voice. Also my partner will make fun of me.

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Listening in stunned horror as a wheezy teenager from Minnesota’s voice rasps phlegm-choked from an Orc as they tell me what the problem is with all these Elves.


Juspion VC is Barry White?

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Now I’m tempted to put that as a voice claim. Right now I have, default male Draenei voice as my voice claim but I’m curious what funny reactions I might get with Barry White but with a babushka accent

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My thoughts are “It wouldn’t be used enough to justify its existence”. Players come here because it’s a text medium.

Even the place I’d like to use this most, which would be roleplaying during gameplay, it’s just not viable. The focus required to play my class decently while also not blowing up to mechanics is too much to have even meaningful quips, let alone conversation.

It’s funny to me even as I type this, but I’m more likely to roleplay during Hell Divers 2 in voice with complete randos than I am in World of Warcraft. Hell Divers 2 on Hell Dive difficulty is weirdly simpler.

I don’t have to think too hard to pull out my last grenade and dive into a bug hole while screaming “FOR SUPER EARTH!”- which works by the way. But the quality of dialog I’d want during a dungeon would be higher than I could give while playing Enhancement.

I log into voice, everyone is prepared to hear a smooth sensual voice – and they do.

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I feel as though this would work best in small groups. If it’s public, it’d be auditory chaos on high pop days especially on consistently high pop servers. I already get overwhelmed in situations like that with communication in text. While per character mute toggles would certainly help, it also feels like something potentially just inconvenient enough that most wouldn’t bother with it over just turning it off entirely and/or switching to Discord.

I imagine the best application for something like this would be with events, especially within small to medium sized guilds where the turnout is guaranteed not to be overly large. In such a case voice communication could potentially improve pace, and in some cases allow some to keep pace better.

Overall, while I’m sure there will be folks who appreciate it as an option, I’m not sure if it would be a widely adopted method. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but I do think it’s best uses are rather niche.

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