What are you maining come SL?

So I’m always going to have a max level rogue but I often main a different toon and play my rogue on the side

But my issue has recently become more complicated

Survival hunter with kill shot proc’s sound amazing

Unholy death knights that have a teleport sound amazing

And now a new hot contender has entered the ring
Shadow priests, I loved them when I could chain mind blasts and shadow word death which is returning
They’ve gotten a rework
And they’ll also be able to teleport

Now I’m stuck in a dang pickle here

How are the rest of you looking? Same main for life or something catching your eye

Can’t wait for this prepatch to drop

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Feral kitty now and forever.


I am probably gonna main arms for the changes they made.

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Prot Paladin


2 mains.

Whatever my guild needs for prog, and then the Meta for m+

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Let’s get real after seeing the Venthyr ability’s animation I also almost wanted to go warrior


Outlaw, going strong since Legion launch. I’ll probably put some considerable time into Subtlety though if they make it more fluid.

I’m not the mmo-champion type so I don’t know what’s in store for rogues. I hear they have nothing official yet which is worrisome.

There is only Druid.



Ret. I keep playing something awful so I don’t get lured into enjoying the game or taking it seriously.


I’ve been a Resto Druid since BC and an Affliction Warlock since Wrath with no variation. So probably those. I’m addicted to that delayed gratification HoTs and DoTs i guess.

I’m also going Night Fae on both for the Aesthetic so I’m ready to pick the “wrong” covenant based on what I’ve seen of the abilities.

You are so wholesome.

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Probably resto shammy? I might also stick with holy priest or try out holy paladin, too.

All I know is that whatever I play first, it will be one of my dwarves.

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Druid of all specs with WW Monk, AsRogue, and Havok DH alts. I want to quadruple down on leather mog runs each week.

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Me too!


Awe, thank you so much. I really appreciate that compliment.

In return, I surmise that you are a proper gentleman and a scholar of impeccable taste.



I always main this hunter. Never changed, never will.


My Shaman! Will never stop playing this class no matter what happens!

I see enhance got some stuff moved around

Likely this and my DH. Been playing Paladin and mage for a long time but mobility has been my interest for some time.

Either discipline priest or resto shaman. A lot depends on how shadow, enhance, and elemental look at release. I don’t want to be stuck with no good dps option.

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I’m going to more then likely go with Warlock or Rogue. Hunter looks like it’s pretty much over and done with in SL. Then again I don’t see myself sticking around much after SL comes out. I’ll be shocked if it ends up just being garbage rather then a full on dumpster fire.

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I really don’t know at this point. Leaning towards druid or warlock.