What are you hoping for with the Ret Pally rework?

I can’t wait to bring my Ret pally out of retirement hope the rework is good What are you hoping for with the Ret Pally rework?

I hope that they don’t accidentally nerf us into the ground.

I love all the talking points in Kaivax’s blue post, but I just don’t have a lot of confidence in their ability to balance any class for all three pillars of content–too many factors with complex interactions that they don’t seem to have a good understanding of. So they likely hunt and peck with tuning fixes, fixing one thing while breaking two others. Then they’re out of time/money and it gets released as a mess that looks better on paper but performs poorly.

So yeah, just don’t break us. Ideally class tuning should be achieved by a statistical model of primary factors and 2 or 3 way interactions built from a design of experiments that predicts throughput for dps/hps/dmg mitigation and all classes would be within +/-2% of each other, but I don’t see it happening.

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I think rets are fine as is except their survivability.

I hope they don’t change too much and just give us some more survivability.

Maybe bring back blessing of might? Like the actual buff, not the weird blessing of might from legion

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I hope they make them more straightforward. The emphasis on consecration is both clunky and boring. It doesn’t fit comfortably into their gameplay and should just go away completely. Exorcism and blade of justice feel like they’re filling the same niche. One of them should go too. I vote exorcism. They only brought it back for name recognition.

I’ve always enjoyed Ret’s many proc chances - art of war, empyrean power, and divine purpose. So I hope those all remain. Crusader strike, blade of justice, wake of ashes, judgement. Their HP builders are all good mechanically I think.

I think their spenders; templar’s verdict, divine storm, word of glory, all lay out a good template for how their tree should be structured. You’ve got single target, you’ve got aoe, you’ve got defensive. I think build the tree with single target down one side, aoe down the other side, and defensives in the middle for easy access and crossover.

Not so much ret but paladins as a whole, I think auras should be overhauled or removed. They’re just not very interesting. I think the crusader aura is crap and should just be a baseline passive effect for the paladin again. Just give each spec a single dedicated aura for their role and be done with it.


Hoping they hotfix divine steed into an actual wheelchair. I would love to see paladins wheel chairing around the map.


That they give ret paladins guns

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I wish, but no…

Strictly speaking, this does not mean they will overhaul Ret. Just their talent tree. For all we know they might just move the nodes around.

For example, if Blizzard seperated some of the defensive talents from being choice nodes and moved further up the tree, while simultaneously turning a lot of active buttons into choice nodes. And then slapped Long Arm of the Law or Pursuit of Justice in the talent tree somwhere. They will have addressed all of thier points. Except for the one about stacking modifiers. But that can be fixed by simply making a lot of those talents into passives.

The end result is basically the same spec, but with some of it’s weaknesses shored up.

remove holy power overcap.

I also wouldn’t mind the removal of execution sentence, it’s a really clunky ability.

Although it’s not good enough to be used currently, I really never want to use it.

Less burst, more tankiness and sustained damage, decent mobility.

I hope they treat Paladins better than the nutjob pass they did on Guardian Druids in 10.0.5. Which actually made Guardian WORSE in every way.

I did a summary (with pictures) over here about how badly a “revamp” can go:

Ret pally as we know it is replaced with a fully ranged holy caster DPS spec.

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this is my totally casual don’t-know-anything opinion but I’d like the rotation to not suffer quite as much when you don’t have high haste. I hate down time. Mine is not max level/not in DF yet but the amount of time just waiting for a button to press makes him a lot less enjoyable than other classes.

Also, less reliance on holy power. God what a snooze. Hate that mechanic all the way across the paladin board…

Ret paladin returned to a cata-wod design with some tweaks to update it to modern wow.

I dont play ret, so can’t comment on that.

However, I do hope this means they’re looking at some of the other specs that also need adjustment.

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The burst is what has been fun with the paladin class, and managing your cooldowns properly helps you plenty with maintaining your damage. Nerfing burst kills the crazy fun that ret paladin brings to the table. The best way to make mobility feel good without being super zoom, just make the horse 10 second cooldown shorter(bringing it in line with other movement abilities of other classes) and give both charges back at the same time. The horse itself is just short enough to not break the sound barrier and getting them both back at the same time will help make moving around feel better, Adding more sustain and survivability helps the class immensely and not making them broken. Paladin will never be topping meters by any means and hasnt in a long time. BUT ruining the one thing the class is good at doesnt fix anything. Paladin damage at the moment feels good adding sustain to it flips the script on them immensely. And also what is so wrong with Paladins also being able to have high burst AND amazing sustain, every other melee class in the meta slave category has those things the fact that anyone even thinks nerfing burst for more sustain is the answer at all is foolish themselves and fortunately dont work for the tuning teams.

I didn’t read all that, but most ret paladins are currently asking for more defensive options and less like hitting a wet noodle outside of avenging wrath.

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