What are you going to play in DF

So what are you going to play hunter? OR are you looking at changing what class and spec are you looking at playing?

Probably Hunter and at least a few others (most likely Shaman, Warrior, and one among Mage, Priest, Monk, or Demon Hunter).

I wilkl play my SV Hunter, and I’ll probably be on my ENH Shaman I am debating on my Warlock.

I was considering switching to Evoker but it’s too squishy, so sticking with Hunter.

Did hunter/dk this xpac so will go with druid and warrior come df. Always mix it up every xpac.

Main SV , my dwarf will be BM and my Night elf will be MM like always


From what i am seeing currently, I wont be playing anything! Nothing is impressing me about playing in DF. I like playing MM hunter. I’ve put up with the past few expansions of crap. Unless something changes I wont be playing in DF


BM all day every day. Personally, the one pet that shreds build is what I prefer over the I have a zoo to send at you. SV to me seems so discombobulated and MM just isn’t my thing.


Will probably be hunter, but I have my Monk, DH, and Rogue on standby depending on how BM actually turns out during DF launch.

My 2 Hunters. Probably my SPriest and see how Lock/Prot Pally feels. But the 2 hunters for sure

I’m partial to Hunter, but DF is looking a bit disappointing for Hunters. Don’t get me wrong, I think Hunter will be technically strong. Looking at the BM tree, I see at least one strong path, but there might be more if everything is tuned properly.

However, when I looked at other classes I play, I see a lot more exciting changes. Shadow Priest and Warlock are both looking like a lot of fun with new abilities to play around with. This is contrary to Hunter, where they just moved the existing kit to talents and most of the ‘new’ stuff is niche or outright counter to a good rotation.

That being said, I’ll probably stick with BM through pre-patch and use that time to determine what I want to focus on upon release.

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I think this is where I’m at, as well. Single-super-strong-pet BM.


Debating this myself right now. I think initially its between Frost DK, BM Hunter and Destro Warlock for me. Typically I start out as BM hunter for solo play but my warlock ended up being my main for most of SL. Tough choice between the two IMO.

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If they dont change class talent abilities to work with lone wolf like intimidation etc then i will prob play druid or continue with classic.

BM looks fantastic IMO, but i play Hunter for MM and lonewolf. Not a huge fan of micromanaging pets in PVP with pet follow, pet move to and pet attack etc. Having to micro manage to move pets away from shadowpriests waiting for the fear or making them run out of mage rings when they are casting it, its just something i cant be bothered doing just wanna be a bow man.


At this point looking like probably my SV hunter… but, my rogue, arms war, and mage are all in the running right now. Given my somewhat limited time, I would love to stick to one toon for at least the first part of DF, but usually my alttitus acts up and… yah.

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This Hunter. Been playing my DK for literally about…9 straight years, putting this Hunter on the back burner…no more!

Gonna be raiding and pushing some m+ again for the first time in years on a new class. Super looking forward to DF.

I’ve even been going around the old world taming rare spirit beasts. So far I’ve found Magria, Karoma, Ban’Thalos, and Bulvinkle. Still looking for Skoll/Gondria/Arcticus!

I think the last time I took this Hunter seriously, armor pen stacking was the thing to do…


I’ll always be BM. It works for me and I enjoy it….even when I struggle. I’m invested. Lol.

I also raid with a Lock and do low level Mythic Dungeons on a Guardian Druid. And then a variety of Alts for achievements and professions.

Since I don’t push the really high end content, it works for me. This is my relaxation hobby that saves me from the multiple responsibilities of real life. :wink:


Same here. Ive been BM from day one through the good and bad. But for me its what works best and I always enjoy it. Just hope we can go back to having one pet. Never liked the two pet thing we got in legion.


I’ve been playing the same toon since i created it way back at the launch of Burning Crusade so this toon is and will always be my main.

As for spec. thats a hard one. I’ve always been Beastmaster. Through all the lows, when Marks was king, and highs when everyone swapped over. I also loved the redesign of Survival into a melee spec back in Legion. Never truly got into it tho, not until mid way through Shadowlands. The spec is super fun.

I’ll probably level BM, but will try my best to maintain survival off spec.

I mained marks in WoD on this toon and it was probably one of the best specs the game has ever know. After legion i just cant play hunter, the rotations are so f-ing bad and feel horrible. BM is better than marks at the moment but neither feel good to play.

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