What are we paying $15/mo for exactly?

We are paying $15/mo to limit our game-play? I would have expected a free-to-play version to have a 30/day limit, and the subscription to have full access. We are paying to play the game, stop treating us like free-to-play customers. The only reason why this is in the game is to make more money off of bots. 30/day limit = more bots = more accounts = more money in blizzard’s pockets.


You’re paying 15 dollars a month for access to the servers, that is it. Thinking your money entitles you to anything more than that is very Karen of you.


It’s to make way for the token that’ll be launching soon™.

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It’s Karen of me to question a policy? I’m not even asking for a manager lol.


You’ve been limited in the number of instances you could enter since Classic launched.


Yes, thinking your money is special and entitles you to anything more than access to the server. Karen.


If I spend $5.97 at a Starbucks, what am I getting really for my money?

Just asking questions.


You don’t understand the meme then. This change doesn’t even affect me, it’s selfish policy on blizz to make them more money.


Post on your mage


It went from paying 15 dollars to play game to 15 dollars for the privilege of playing the game. Classic elevated the value of wow.

Or they could actually ban bots. 74000 is actually not a ton. It is the equivalent of $1.11 million And not all of them were permanent. 74000 is most likely a number they thought would jump out at players and keep them subbed but not enough that it sufficiently hurts the profits. They also assume that fresh accounts will be made in the aftermath of the “ ban” to make up for any future losses. In fact, this could even be a boost to their subs.


The 1st reply to this thread = /end thread.

Toilet paper. That’s what your sub is for and only 2 weeks worth of toilet paper. Bobby wipes with your sub…


stop being a company-abuse enabler, u realize companies pull all kinds of crap cause low self worth people like you eat it up? We are not all slave-minded like u are.


They have always time gated / limited the amount a player can do to keep them playing.
It’s the literal business model?

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I am against the change. But I am also against idiotic levels of entitlement too. But please, continue to through baseless insults at me without even understanding my position.


Stop paying said company then if you think they’re abusing you. All of you whiners can talk with your wallet and quit. The game would probably be better without you.


The sense of entitlement is strong here. $15 buys you a couple of hours in the theater. Thirty instances a day is six hours a day (minimum), which is already three times more than the one-time hit you took for a movie. Multiply that by thirty days in a month, and you’re getting 90 times as much value for that $15 a month than you got for that movie outing. Sorry you can’t spot a bargain when you see one.


Lmao people don’t go to a movie theater anymore. But in seriousness you are comparing apples to oranges. One is digital space the other is physical space. They are not comparable.


I’m not in love with the 30/day instance limit… but the “what am I paying 15 bucks for???” argument has always been rather meaningless. If you don’t think you are getting value from your 15 bucks, don’t pay it. It’s that simple.