What are the problems with WoW classic?

/After a day of this being up and talking to people who have posted, I give up. I literally cannot take this without a trip to the ER.

Starting off, I usually just keep to my own realm and the board there, but I do browse the general forums now and again, such as now.

What I am curious about are what the problems the community is facing, what we can change and improve as the community, what Blizzard can change and improve as the provider of the game, and possible brainstorming on where the problems are and what they are for easy analysis.

For once, I do plan on coming back to this and making changes, indicated by /edit text here.

  1. Multiboxing. People playing on multiple accounts at the same time. Soon, I will be somewhat guilty of this, but it is not in the same way. I will be using 2 desktop computers to play an account each on my realm; a manual multiboxing, if you will.
    From some youtube videos I have seen, multiboxers use 3rd party software to move and take actions with their characters. The problem with this is fairly obvious in my eyes, but this is really something Blizzard needs to take care of, reviewing their own Terms of Service and punishing as needed. The best we can do as a community is find these people, make a forum post to identify them on the realm forum, and mass report them if they are suspected of cheating.
    For this, I will be re-reading the terms of service to review this myself and be changing this topic.

  2. Battlegrounds. Alliance vs Horde. Pugs vs Premades. AB and Warsong are the main ones I have seen, but AV is one Alliance complains about not being able to win.
    For the Premade problem, it is easy to say you can just group with people on your server and go in there as a party, complete with discord or other voice chat, and enjoy the game. The problem there is that not everyone can do this for one reason or another. Real life world, bad social skills, lack of confidence in one’s self to compete along side others of your server, and fear of friendships being affected.
    I do not know what to really say on this. For AV, using the reinforcements resource of ‘retail’ WoW is an option, but that would take away from the ‘vanilla’ (I really hate this term by the way, nothing about Classic has been Vanilla, except for the quest dialog, in my opinion) experience.
    I do not PvP often, so I really do not feel like I can speak on AV strategies.
    For the premades… if it really is so much of a problem, then it is up to Blizzard to make premade battlegrounds. Anyone of 10 or more raids from one server should be placed in these so as to avoid facing pug groups. There is no guarantee that premade groups will win against pug groups, but one is certainly more organized than the other.

/Reading through the replies, I do take back much of what I said on this topic. If Horde ‘win’ most of the open-world and AV battles, but Alliance ‘win’ most of the AB and Warsong battles, it seems pretty fair to me. The problem is likely more in part to the honor system than anything else. A system I no longer feel comfortable speaking of due to my own lack of interest in it and contribution to it. I get my 15 honor kills a week for the sake of those that do care, most of the time anyway.

  1. Server population. This is very much a community problem and should be handled by the community.
    The people transferring from one server to the other needs to talk, through the forums, to both server. We cannot have a mass exodus of people coming from one realm to another without a word, and then immediate complaints of overpopulation.
    I will give an example:
    180 members of the Horde and 250 members of the Alliance want to transfer from Pagle to Whitemane because they are tired of the long que times. Suddenly, Whitemane has ques to login and they have no idea why. New guilds have emerged over night and the auction house prices are fluctuating because of this. The server is in chaos.
    This could have been avoided by the players of Pagle talking to those of Whitemane and both factions organizing around it. Had this happened, perhaps some members of Pagle would have stayed and not transferred while those moving to Whitemane would be welcomed.

Again, just an example. I do not know the status of Pagle or Whitemane.

/Again, a really hard one to nail down. I do wonder if it would help if a faction/race change option was implemented. I am both for and against this idea, given the Alliance Paladin and Horde Shaman circumstance. Personally, I would wait until TBC, if possible, before doing that on my shaman though.

  1. Server imbalance. Pretty straightforward here: I do not believe it matters due to battlegrounds being out. My realm has pvp events and people ganking others while farming resources, grinding rep, or some other activate, but I am rarely a part of it due to my work schedule and real life events.
    Still, I do love this version of the game and I am able to raid and dungeon with my guild. Most of the time, I find myself helping others quest in the zone I am in, or running lower level folks through dungeons.
    The problem with server imbalance lies in guild and raid involvement… and whatever madness is going on Blackrock Mountain (seriously people, stop it. It takes ages to get a group for the Depths and the Spire dungeons. Just pvp outside and stop when people pass through the doors).

  2. Botting. This really needs to be addressed by Blizzard and the community need to spam report these people for cheating. This ruins the market, world pvp, resource gathering, and the realm community.
    I’d say farm them for the 10 honor kills limit for the day, do as I saw on a youtube video of making them waste their food and water and then let a mob kill them to break their gear to slow them down, but not everyone will do that. I do not even do that, and I see one at least once a day just running passed on a black lotus or mining route.

  3. -To be announced-


The main “problems” with WoW Classic pvp are the complete botching of faction balance from the get-go, and all the cascading issues that have resulted from that. And also the terrible 1.12 patch.

“Community-made problem” is a bunch of nonsense. Blizzard is responsible for the health of their game, and if they can’t manage or alter player behaviour in an adequate way, people will quit. If you’re relying on the playerbase to collectively do what is best for the game, unless that population is very small, you are going to be disappointed. People will do what is best for them and, usually, people just want to “win”, not challenge themselves.

Granted, if you are relying on Blizzard to do what is best for their game, you are going to be disappointed, too. But at least with Blizzard there is potential for a fix.


What are the problems with the pvp from your point of view then? You did not give any details or examples. Do you mean spell batching proc combinations? Such as the shaman’s elemental mastery lightning bolt+earth shock double crit?

And the “community-made problem” is a thing, yes. Realms and build and maintained on this, at least in my opinion.
Blizzard is kind enough to offer server transfers for free, something I did consider taking once, but then the community of my realm convinced me to stay.

Also, how do you expect Blizzard to alter the behavior of their player base? I think the free transfers are a good start, but they could also open faction or race changes.
Admittedly, this does not work very well due to Paladin and Shaman being faction exclusive, it is something that could happen.

cant wait to be in aq and get 0 gear. I was wondering why my guild master was not saying anything when i was talking about 2.5 set . HE KNOW IL NEVER GET ANY LOOT AND DOES NOT WANT ME QUIT NOW CUZ IM STILL USEFUL . So sad

Yeah, I don’t want to write an essay on what’s wrong with pvp (I don’t mean that in any way to be disrespectful or imply that it’s not worth talking about) so I was trying to be brief.

The problem was that a LOT of pvp’ers went Horde. That caused wPvP to be lopsided (further killing faction balance). And it created a situation in which Alliance have to premade in order to have any chance of winning, or to be competitive for honour (because they have instant queues).

I now most play my Horde alt on HS. I really can’t tell you how much easier PvP is when you are Horde, even on a server in which I am outnumbered 10 to 1. And it’s not because of innate differences (racials, flight paths, map imbalances, etc), it’s because Horde have more pvp’ers, and better pvp’ers by a significant margin. Those things are a result (most likely) of minor advantages being snowballed by min-maxers, but the end result is that Horde are just significantly better at PvP.


Depends on the players to say the least. Look at Aoeone’s response to this. His inner child ran out screaming bloody murder for even saying anything he likes, aka multibox, and calls you bad at the game.

Multiboxing is for the bad players anyways, they need to pay more in order to get what they want done and wont do anything with the community.

BG’s are indeed a mess. Doesn’t help that most of the pvpers that wanted to pvp went horde because of racials or shaman class.

Of course it’s a mess, they made realms separate and the community just makes it worse and blame others for there own actions to there population.


I like to think of multiboxers as “thousands of quick honour”.

I don’t care at all if they exist. Sometimes you get 5 co-ordinated PoM pyros to the face. Most of the time they are free kills.

Is there a PvE reason people hate multiboxers? Are the trivializing content or something? I’m asking a legitimate question, not a rhetorical one.

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I think multi boxers have an advantage in farming black lotus.

You just prove my point more and more.

  1. These threads.
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The honor system seems to have been designed around small populations. I played vanilla and I played multiple private servers. As long as one BG is popping, the smaller the server the more fun Vanilla PvP is.

CRBG’s suck for the Vanilla Honor System, period. BG’s pop more often, but the quality of BG’s is terrible. CRBG’s are also what allows servers to be 99% the same faction. Also, the ridiculous bracket system actually makes it harder to rank on the minority faction than the majority. And the only way to even rank on some smaller servers is for every ranker to exploit the brackets by filling their entire account with level 1 alts and getting 15 hk’s from other rankers doing the same.

When I played on Kronos, there was usually only one game going at night and 2-4 going on during the day(depending on BG weekend). So 10-20 people at night, and maybe 30-100 during the day. When the population is that small, taking one or two people and adding them to the other faction changes the faction-balance dramatically. When there are thousands of people, a couple people switching really doesn’t make much of a difference.

I hate the Vanilla Honor System, but the 2.0 Honor System is trash and simply won’t work with Vanilla as it is. People demand premades face premades, but premades get nothing out of it so they won’t. CRBG’s were added late in Vanilla because people stopped trying to rank since the AQ/Naxx gear was just better. But CRBG’s were COMPLETELY unnecessary for Classic, especially for the first few months because the servers are larger and there were tons of people queuing. And the only reason most people quit playing BG’s, is because they became absolutely miserable in large part because of CRBG’s allowing the “full helmet” premades. And even now, people from small servers, especially PvE servers, who probably don’t even have enough “helmets” to fill a full AB premade, have to go against tryhard Herod premades 24/7.

The biggest failure of Classic WoW is CRBG’s. People complain about faction-imbalance, but there wouldn’t be 99-1 servers without CRBG’s. The people on the majority faction were having a great time during phase 2 and saw no point in rerolling to more balanced servers because the BG queue times would be the same regardless. They got their cake and ate it too.

There are plenty of other problems with Classic, but had everyone known from day one that there wouldn’t be CRBG’s, most of the faction-balance issues would have solved themselves long before phase 2, and would have generally gotten better as time went on instead of worse.

And it isn’t too late to get rid of CRBG’s.


Sounds like you need five cookies.

You are trying to hihack Classic and turn it into a “player-planned” game. Just like many before you have tried.

It doesn’t work that way. Classic is not a “player-planned” game, and is not a game to be improved and changed. It is a copy of an old game. It works like that old game worked. It has the same problems that old game had.

thank you, so tired of these folks not understanding. Blizz has a ton of internal data and they can see trends developing. On top of that i am sure server decimation happened the first go around, they had plenty of time to create a solution.

Nothing is wrong with classic on my end. It’s exactly as advertised.

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Premade vs PUGs in BGs are definitely the most frustrating aspect for me personally. Aside from that I dont have much to complain about.

I dont have the problem of faction imbalance on my server (PvE), but something should be done for those that are greatly effected. Not sure what can be done though aside from free transfers.


They’d have to actually work for it.

Yes it is scummy lol. Just cant take the non stop negative comments. Its the same in real life. People always focus on the negatives. Its been a absolute privilege to play classic again. Multiboxing or not im just soaking it all in before its to late.

It’s definitely a community made problem. A bunch of folks who should have rolled pve servers. Instead they rolled pvp servers because of population and cried imbalance when pvp hindered their access to pve content.
This whole mess is because of those players.
Better explained here:

REMOVE SPELL BATCHING! :partying_face:

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