What are the Primalist?

I need help to understand the Primalist, why are Taurens, Vulpera, and Orcs, in their ranks? etc…

They were hating on us secretly for years and we didn’t notice? Are they the Twilight Hammer?

They were recruited by the Grim totem? Are they the Grim Totem?

Did i miss something?

The draenei really get me. They go 15,000 years running from, resisting and eventually overcoming The Legion. But this shrieking proto-drake that very plainly intends to use and discard them? That’s the one. Jump ship, boys! Turning Azeroth into a neo-elemental hellscape is the hill I’m dying on!

My guy, if you joined The Legion like 10,000 years ago you’d be upper management Eredar Lord by now. What are they thinking? Do you know how sweet that eredar lord lifestyle must have been?