What are some of the worst head canons you've heard?

Bonus points if they’re a head canon people consider to be actually canon.

my head canon is azeroth isnt real

That Thrall lost his connection to the elements because he used them in the Mak’Gora against Garrosh and cheated.

Not everyone understands that it was his self doubt that caused the connection to splinter, magic can be used in a Mak’Gora, and that the original Mak’Gora has to be established beforehand for it to be a warrior duel to the death.


The fanatical fan-girlies and boys who insist that not only is Anduin gay, but that’s he’s in a relationship with Wrathion. It’s just so desperate.


I was going to talk about some of that hater headcanon about Xe’ra and Yrel, but the above examples are worse.

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This one’s practically Warcraft apocrypha at this point; I think more people hold to this misconception than not.


Did they ever acknowledge Thrall’s “cheating” in that Makgora? I don’t recall that being a thing, just stuff fans pointed out that they never acknowledged.

Good point. And we’re seeing similar with Anduin.

That we woke up from a nzoth dream/nightmare

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It’s not that Blizzard never acknowledged it, it’s the fact that Thrall didn’t cheat. It’s only in the traditional/old way that Mak’gora is a warrior duel to the death. Their are Mak’gora’s that have had magic used, like the one between [Shagara](https://warcraft.wiki.gg/wiki/Shagara) and [Ashra](https://warcraft.wiki.gg/wiki/Ashra_Valandril) in the comic or even the first duel between Thrall and Garrosh in the Wrath prepatch.

I think a large part of the misconception is that the Warcraft movie established Gul’dan’s use of his magic in his Mak’gora against Durotan as cheating. People saw that and just applied it to the Mak’gora as a whole, either not knowing or forgetting that Thrall had changed the Mak’gora from a traditional duel to the fight to non-lethal combat. Thus we have the more standard Mak’gora which allows for magic, while the traditional/old way warrior duel to the death has to be declared beforehand, as seen when Garrosh declared it when trying to make Cairne back down from his challenge.


Using that movie for anything resembling lore is a fools errand to begin with. It is an entirely different timeline with different core forces at play. It is wild to me that I am sitting over here on team elf fan and I still am aware Mak’gora has no rules except for the rules both parties accept at the start of the fight.


It’s never been canon that using magic is cheating.


We wiped in AQ40 and C’Thun has been playing with us ever since.

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That the old gods were somehow still alive after the game explicitly told us we killed them.

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That High King is an actual kingship. It was pretty cringe seeing big youtubers spread this headcanon in BfA.


This one, definitely.

It is not headcanon but fact. Go back to BFA and play it.

It’s pure headcannon

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Nobundo is the leader of the neutral Shaman order. At the same time they kicked out all blood Knights on the silver hand now lead by Turalyon.

Nobody kicked the blood knights out. They simply went home and they have good relations with Turalyon and the silver hand. More headcannon garbage by you, which is no surprise