What am I doing wrong?

So like… I can’t seem to do what other priests are doing. I’m only doing roughly 3.5-4K on shriekwing and like 5.5-6k in m+ or fights like sunking. Is this where I should be? I’m 212ilvl for reference

What are the other healers doing in the raid? Raid its about multiple healers.

Is 5.5-6K the absolute top end or is that the average at the end of the fight?

You won’t get good advice unless you are far more specific, this is very vague to give advice off of. Link logs, and say whether you mean healing or dps instead of just saying numbers.

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And what are your conduits and covenant?

I looked at some of your logs and I believe I know what’s happening.

First things first, you are a night fae priest and should be using Shadowflame Prism and pair it with the mindbender talent if you want more single target and 5 target cleave damage. Its by far our best legendary for both M+ and raiding and is probably why other priests are doing more damage. It does have its own rotation so you will need to learn how to use it.

Second, You should be running Niya soulbind for every boss with the 2 potency conduits dissonant echoes and haunting apparitions, and don’t use burrs. They might sim more but when the burrs proc they are fixed on the floor meaning if the boss moves from that location it does 0 damage. Its much better to have more passive apparition damage as they are good for cleave alongside single target damage.

Third, you need to keep Shadow word pain and vampiric touch up and refresh them at about 6-7 seconds before they expire. Although the dot damage might not look like much on logs they are valuable consistent damage and should be up as much as possible.

Fourth, make sure you use the correct talents for each boss. There are guides on YouTube, IcyVeins, and WowHead for each boss and what talents you should run (Keep in mind if you are running ShadowFlame Prism you always take the mindbender talent to everything you do).

Fifth, try not to move much and when you move cast anything that you have that is instant cast such as mindbender, shadow word death, any procs you have, and if not of those are available spam shadow word pain.

Sixth, try and get your hands on a decent cabalist hymnal or soulletting ruby trinket, as these two pair together very well and are very powerful for end game content.

Thats kinda all I got for now, if you have anything else reply.