What am I doing wrong?

Hey Everyone,

I’ve swapped to Disc priest for 10.2 and I do enjoy the spec. Lately though I’ve been struggling in the +16-+18 key range. I’ve followed a bunch of guides, sim’ed my character and studied my rotation religiously. For example: I’ll ramp my atonement’s with Renew before heavy damage comes out, pop Mindbender into a Mind Blast, SwD, Penance, 4-5 Smites to refresh Penance, reapply atonement’s with PwR into another SwD and Penance. I feel like this is a fairly good burst healing rotation but…it’s never enough. Some of these bosses like the last boss of EB. Not only does his AoE do massive damage in a 17-18 key, so does his tree add that he spawns. Or the Goliath in Waycrest when he AoE’s after tanks remove stacks. The damage just feels too heavy. I’m ilvl 460 with a good stat layout imo (maybe my stats suck idk :sweat_smile:) but see some healers with lower ilvl than me causally blowing through it. I’m familiar with the boss mechanics at this point (been “trying” to push as high as I can) but it just feels like no matter how much pre planning I am doing for this insane damage output, I can’t get through it, and I if I BARELY make it through I then have no cds for when the damage happens again in 15-20 secs. Any tips from my fellow disc priest who have made it comfortably past +17 keys?

That all sounds lovely, where do you radiance? I feel like I almost press that button on CD lol.

I usually try to use Rapture, even though I HATE that spell and renew to maintain atonement’s during trash pulls. I’ll only use radiance during heavy aoe damage after I’ve already started my mini ramp explained above or if for whatever reason I couldn’t ramp in time.

I know with some tabks im having hard time healing them like brewmaster. Also mana is harder right now to manage with me. But it coule just be other players like dps now interrupting when needed or tank now poping defensive to

Radiance is fine to use in trash. It’s also fine to use to just cover the group up. If it stops you from using a ton of globals on other spells - it’s worth it. You want to fill your downtime with Smite to get mindbender back up. It’s possible you’re delaying your mindbender quite a bit by spending that time blanketing with renew.

When it comes to last boss of EB, save mindbender ramp for the add phase. You can use it at the start of the fight if you want, but make sure to be slamming smites to get it back up before he does summons add, because that’s where the majority of the damage happens. You can either prepare for the add by using rapture, or just flash heals/etc.

Also note that the add’s damage during that boss happens much slower than your burst if you slam every key at once. You’ll want to space out your MB/Penance/SW:D. It sounds wrong, but when the damage pattern calls for it, you should only be doing damage as the damage is coming in - otherwise you’re blowing all your burst to overheal and are left with little during actual damage. Going along with that - you also might want to hit your PW:R earlier in that rotation than after your 4 smites if the situation calls for it. Smite itself isn’t a lot of healing, you’re doing it mostly for CDR reasons - it’s the other spells in the rotation that do the bulk of the burst - so if very high damage is coming during your smites someone could die.

One very useful weakaura/addon combo is either DBM or Littlewigs - and a weakaura called Ability Timeline (bossmods) by Jodsderechte on wago

This gives you a linear timeline to each ability a boss does starting like 15s ahead of time. So you can see the stomps or add phase coming 15s ahead of time and judge how much you have to prep for them.