What about the people forced to leave friends?

I’m going to give Blizzard the benefit of the doubt here and just hope something is going to be done

But so many friend groups have broken up and spread across servers because of how rough this launch has been with the server queues.

Is absolutely anything going to be done about this to help friends move to the same realm? P

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If you and your friends really wanna play together, its up to you to take a little initiative and coordinate it yourselves. If your letting a few days played stand in the way of what will be a multiple years investment then thats on you, not blizz. Take some personal responsibility, quit blaming others, and stop waiting for blizx to hold your hand like they’re your momma.


if their friends are unwilling to move with them to a different server are they really friends at all?


They’re going to open transfers. You can all coordinate where to go for free.

These groups of ‘friends’ had ample warning from Blizzard that queues were going to be horrendous, so if they chose to stick on their original server then that’s their problem now … and maybe they’re not the ‘friends’ you think they are.

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“Friends” as in the internet colloquial use of the term.

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Why are you still crying about this? LEARN SOME PATIENCE.

My god.

Can’t people now days enjoy ANYTHING? Jeezuz. My god.

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So nothing will change.

Either you take the free transfer or you don’t, sounds like you all decided to roll around on different servers anyway.

Maybe in the future there will be paid transfers to realms of your choice but don’t count on that for a year or until populations are stabilized.

Okay now that we have lost multiple brain cells here fellas.

They are not opening transfers from all realms with queues. They are not opening transfers to realms without queues. And yes, I do blame blizzard. Absolutely. None of us picked the servers they said would have a huge queue. But alas we had arrived at a 5 hour queue anyway for those of us with a regular hour job.

A few days played at this point is just not something any of us are willing to redo. It was fun the first time but regrinding those levels would be tedious

Let me help you. First, you all pick a realm. Then you all select that realm on the realmlist. Then you create characters on that realm and play.



You could get some comfort from hugging a tree.

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It was at this point that you all should’ve rerolled on the same realm. Too late now

I’ll be honest, I am entirely in the same boat here.

~80% of my friend group left Fairbanks and went to Smolderweb to get away from the queues while the rest of us stayed behind to try and ride out the storm with the mindset that sticking it out on a High Pop server would be better in the long run.

However, now we have almost none of our friends on this server.

News of the High pop transfers is cool and all but it won’t do any good if we can’t move over to where our friends left and headed to.

Honestly, the situation kinda sucks.

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Start over. Its barely been a week. People will cry about anything these days


Could have just done what my friends and I did, we waited 1-2 days for things to settle a bit. Then hopped on windseeker when it opened. No one forced you to split up, no one forced you to pick high pop servers. Not blizzards fault here.

Just start on new realm . Theres few realms with ques and those are the realms with streamers theres bunch of other realms. A lot of people said avoid streamer realms because its gonna have a lot of que. Why u didnt listen? Instead people cried for new realms that had 0 impact since there was already empty realms… Just start on new realm its week 1 not 1 year in… you can catch up pretty quickly. STOP ASKING FOR REALM TRANSFER!
pst : btw i was right that people after asking about realms will asking for transfer

But you chose to leave your friend go to the new server and stayed back. How is that blizz’s fault or problem? You had a chance to reroll with your friends and did not take it…

People seem to have some pretty selfish friends. If I was playing with a friend that couldn’t log in due to queues, I’d reroll with them. People are too caught up in the “hype servers”.

The answer, obviously, being “no, they’re dead to me now.”

Its not, where did I ever claim it was Blizzard’s fault? I thought I made it pretty clear it was just a cruddy situation.

Oh yeah, no, just throw away the 24 hrs of /played time built up and re-grind out those 21 levels again. Heck, one of the friends that stayed behind is in their 40’s now and the solution is just “reroll”?

Neither side is more selfish than the other. One side put in time and effort and does not want to lose it, the other side didn’t like wasting time in queues. Both are valid sides of the argument.

My point is that it would be great if there was a middle ground where both sides could be satisfied such as server transfers. Those of us who stayed stayed because we didn’t want to lose our hard earned progress, those that left did so to get away from the queues.

The remaining group of friends would probably go to their server if we could transfer our progress.

First off… “Hype Servers”… What is that, what even is that???

Second, you say its selfish of the people not to re-roll. I say its equally selfish of the people expecting you to give up all of you hard gained progress on a whim. Again, one of the ones that stayed behind is already in the 40 range with lots of progress on professions and other such things. Part of a guild, ect. Both sides are equally selfish.

Also this. /nod /nod

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