What’s your favorite caster and why?

I have 3 classes at 120 and they’re all Melee dps lol. I’ve been wanting to make a caster for a long time and I should take advantage of the xp buff while I can. I do rbg more than anything else, was leaning towards mage because of there huge burst dps but I heard greater pyro is getting removed or big CD in shadowlands? Just want a good pvp caster what’s your guys opinions and who’s your favorite and why?

If you want to mix it up, I would suggest a hybrid, either a Priest or a Druid. Gives you the opportunity to heal/tank if you want to try something, and they both have plenty to offer in PVP as Shadow/Balance! I’ve never played a pure DPS class, so unfortunately I can’t speak to what a Mage is like.

I think I would enjoy priest but I feel like they can’t escape bad situations, when mage has invisibility, blink and freeze.

Warlock is a lot of fun in PvP. Fears, dots, lots of control with demon choice and pretty sturdy.

Mage is glass cannon. Lots of burst damage and can be great if played well, but will die easily in a close up battle if you’re not careful.

I haven’t done a whole lot of PvP this expansion, but I’ve had fun with shaman and druid. I typically play resto, but I’ve done a little as ele/boom. I haven’t leveled my priest yet, but disc used to be beast (damage & a lot of healing/mitigation).

I vote lock by default because you get three caster dps specs that all play very different. This assumes you only want to dps. Druid, priest, shaman your stuck with one spec. In regards to SL pvp performance, I don’t think we’ll know until after SL launches.

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Stopping in to drop my vote for Warlock as well. Destro is one of the strongest pvp specs right now, and moving into SL, it’s very solid base will be enhanced and reinforced with the new (old) curses it’s getting back.

On that note though, since you specifically mentioned RBG’s, while affliction isn’t too viable right now, it’s being reworked slightly in SL to put the emphasis back on strong multi-dotting capability. So with any luck, it has the potential to be VERY strong in that particular part of the game.

I like being a Mage. My favourite part is portals. Make getting around much quicker.

I’ve found that mages are more mobile than warlocks and less boring than hunters.

It’s a clothy so you will be squishy but using blink and cc you can outmaneuver and kite pretty well.

Play each one through to level 40, do dungeons and a few BG’s. You will get a pretty good idea if you like the playstyle or not.

Locks can pretty much go non stop from mob to mob without needing to break for replenishment but they tend to be turrets when actually engaged.

BM hunters can do everything on the run. Makes me feel like I’m playing the game faster.

I like Frost mages as a good balance with defense and mobility against a bit less damage relative to Fire mages. Also, they play better while leveling as Fire mages really need crit and it can take a while to get high enough to stack lots of it.

Last couple of expansions though, one of my raider toons is a Balance Druid and she’s been a ton of fun. High survive ability and druid forms provide a lot of “Oh Shoot!” options.