Westfall Story is a Perfectly Balanced Boss Encounter

Fort week and we have the first boss at 16 1 shotting DPS. Perfectly balanced boss. Well done.

Major issues still around:
P1 - Three ruffians are randomly targeting the same player and now you’re down a dps, this was mentioned on week one but is still around. This is uncommon but happens frequently enough to brick keys. Toe Knee’s fire tornado ability happens at the same time so if you get targeted by 2 of the adds you’re still gonna die. Idk, short of having the reflexes of a cat and smashing an immunity when you see that happen is a bit much. (the avg ilvl in group was 290)
P2 - Thunder ritual dealing 35k+ (this was a 16 its probably worse in higher keys).
All the murloc graphics are similar or the same shade of BLUE. I understand a flavor point of view making all the aquatic species have blue graphics but in the setting of an M+ it’s pretty awful especially when 1 or 2 hits from an ability can kill you. Adds continue to spam those white/blue bubbles after they are dead. Did I mention that those graphics are blue/bluish? Well, they are spammed during the BLUE wave ability, and when the BLUE thunder ritual is going out. Its a bit hard for the average player to dodge all that stuff while trying to maintain enough output to enter P3
P3 - LOL. Merging all the abilities into a single phase? Well, I think that 5% completion rate for 15+ is going to hold.

TLDR too many one-shots in a single encounter, some are out of your control some are in your control. Boss is overturned for a fort week. :confused:

I knew the other bosses would be overtuned and they should balance those too. This opera encounter with multiple different bosses is a balancing nightmare

Pugged an +18 just before with no issues. Have you tried learning the mechanics?

l2play comment aged amazingly. grats on your 18.

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You mean +20?

Also depending on when the Hotfix went live, both runs could have been before then. Just because they nerf things because people complain doesn’t mean it isn’t actually a learn to play issue.

OP, have you tried it since these hot fixes? If so, how was it? I’m not really sure when the hot fixes came into effect so I can’t comment on that however I did it relatively soon after reset on a 15 with my hunter and it seemed pretty good. I then two chested a 20 on my shaman a few hours after that.

Quite frankly, the removal of abilities are absolutely ridiculous and the rest of the dungeon melts. It kind of took the fun away from it for me to be honest at least at the key levels I am doing.

It was really melee unfriendly and I’m glad the hotfix came in fast.

What did they fix to make it more melee friendly? I feel like melee still has a lot of Mechanics to deal with. Have you tried it before and after the hot fixes to compare?

The adds don’t give explosive or storming while “dead” anymore. Or at least after the hotfix that might or might not have gone out yet. That fight had enough clutter without the 3-5 storming tornadoes that were out at any given moment.

If the adds corpses were spawning tornadoes wouldn’t that effect ranged as well equally? Either way, that doesn’t sound intended glad they fixed that!

Ranged have more places to stand since the murloc has that quaking like mechanic that forces melee to spread and melee are dancing between waves besides. Its a lot of movement to avoid the avoidables and a storming in melee could easily fly you into one of those waves which will deal half health or more.

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I don’t think the hotfix is live (if you’re talking about the 9/23 one), watched a friend run an Upper about an hour or so ago and Curator’s swirlies aren’t accurate yet apparently :partying_face:

Yeah, the swirlies looked the same as before in my Upper run long after the notes went live.

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Atunement dispels were also required in both of my runs