We're porting Retail add-ons to Beta, Come Get 'Em

(Ziryus) #214

I’m not seeing anywhere that the OP isn’t giving credit to original authors.

(Bluspacecow) #215

My post is not official approval. I do not work for Blizzard (you should know this?)

I think you missed the point of my post. Fan updates are going to be uploaded anyway. If they haven’t checked this thread they’ll probably upload them anyway.

My post was in the spirit of if Fan updates are inevitable maybe they can be done in such a way that respects the addon authors. And yes the original addon authors should be contacted before any fan update is worked on.

(Fizzlemizz) #216

If green isn’t a tincture, I don’t know what is.

Fan updates of addons that are current and not being updated purely because the authors don’t have beta access is not a Spirit of anything.

Addons and their authors have been around far longer than streamers. If Blizzard wanted addons as part of the beta they know full well how to get in contact with said authors and could have done so well before now.

And no, I’m not having a hissy fit just because I don’t have access. The principle stands. Legalities aside.

(Ziryus) #217

Well actually no, blizzard does not work with add on developers before hand. And I’m sure they’ll be happy to tell you that.

(Omegall) #218

If talking about fan updates on curse or wowI, they are almost always approved by original author because they know they are done. In fact curse will absolutely refuse a fan update that isn’t authorized, if they even take it at all. They generally encourage take overs to take over original project instead.

Did you know Weak Auras 2 is a fan update? Weak Auras was made by Mirrorman or whatever his name was but he abandoned it. Stanzilla got authorization to take it over and it became Weak Auras 2. Then project obviously grew over time, and almost no one remembers original author behind weak auras 1 (it’s barely the same addon anymore though so it’s only fair.

DBM is also technically a fan update. It was originally created a duo. Paul and Martin. But I took over all duties in wrath and became official owner later on. It’s also barely the same addon it was before takeover as I’ve commited many YEARS of full time into it at this point.

So you see, fan updates can be HUGE. The two biggest addons on both live and classic, are technically fan updates :wink: However, they need proper approval. I actually have legal documents that prove I own DBM. It’s always wise to cover all bases.

(Fizzlemizz) #219

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Addon authors could have been part of the first beta batch as a nod to want addons in you know, beta. Like streamers were invited as a nod to wanting …??? hype maybe.

(Omegall) #220

Addon authors were in fact brought into beta at very high priority. There are already over a dozen in beta and more being added probably next wave. Blizzard HAS reached out and is getting addon authors into beta. In this regard, they are treating us just as important as any content creator, because they know classic will need addons.

(Fizzlemizz) #221

Current addons… Supported addons… available in BfA addons. Why do they need fan updates for beta?

(Omegall) #222

I was sidetracking, i’m not saying there should be fan updates of current addons. There really shouldn’t IMO. I actually have about a dozen addons that aren’t mine running on my machine for personal use only in beta, and I haven’t (nor plan to) share ANY of them. I just wanted to also stress that approved fan updates for discontinued/dead addons are a very good thing, and it’s just important to know the difference between the two.

(Fizzlemizz) #223

Exactly, Blu IS talking about fan updates for current addons with a “Boiler Plate” justifcation. That is not ok.

(Omegall) #224

I’ll admit I’ve only skimmed some of thread cause it’s got many replies already, but basic gist i gathered was that for most part the addon community isn’t gonna get mad at someone putting up some temp modifications in good will with no intent to take over, or harm the original addon or take money from their work. But I agree it is still a gray area and would have been better with original authors giving the go ahead in advance of doing so (and in all honestly , the authors probably would have)

Anyways, to the OP, keep maintaining this thread with all the latest info in original topic so we can help users not only get our addons into the beta, but get us some feedback on them. more people using our addons, the better. :slight_smile:

(Ziryus) #225

So where are the add on makers wil ready to go beta add ons? Why have add on makers always had to wait for the PTR to work on their add ons?

(Fizzlemizz) #226

Wow… now I know there are author advocates out there with our best interests at heart, I’ll sleep soundly.

Sarcasm aside, the subject is not what you or I “recon” will be ok. If you wouldn’t treat Blizzard’s IP with such disregard then I think your own efforts and anyone else that sinks time into creatively supporting them should be treated with the same favor.

(Fizzlemizz) #227

Huh? Betas have always had addons disabled until closer to release. If you mean why don’t all authors have all addons ready to go second one of a gold then… Huh?

Authors, as you have pointed out, don’t get paid. That doesn’t mean the work they do for near nothing should be subject to being treated with disrespect because “you wanna”.


Awesome work! Appreciate the efforts.

(Ziryus) #229

Are you entirely missing the point of this thread? Add ons completely exist in betas. Noone is trying to disrespect addon creators. All the OP was trying to do was provide a very intermediate solution for the beta.

Maybe you should be less of a dbag and not assume that people like the OP are just trying to screw over add on builders.


Hi, i’m the MRP dev. Already working on this for my side of things.

(Fizzlemizz) #231

The point of the thread met your wishes, that I understand. The thread itself was not appropriate, that I pointed out. Because the two don’t align, I’m a dbag.

Now we know the parameters for timely and dbag. Thank you for the clarifications.

(Ziryus) #232

/shrug as soon as curse or whatever start actually hosting official classic addons I am all for the grass roots approach of the OP :slight_smile:

Or hey do these add on creators have their own public gits? I will be happy to grab from there.

(Fizzlemizz) #233

Official sites get all the traffic but some might keep their source projects on git.