We're not making enough noise about layering

I’m not asking for changes. Layering didn’t exist in Vanilla, so right away it’s a change. So enough of that nonsense.

But linking me that video is the worst thing you could have done. All it did was confirm my worst fears that layering is being done for the wrong reason: player convenience. Now I’m very worried.


Yes you are.

Vanilla never had 1000 people in a zone. Ion was talking about a private server amalgam where they used the same raising of population caps like was done there.

Blizzard is using layering to avoid 1000 people in Elwynn Forest… because that is true to the authentic population values of Vanilla.

That’s your problem and misinterpretation.

Agreed. Such a flawed philosophy. I’d rather wait in a login queue for hours and play a pure Classic WoW rather than get in instantly and be stuck with a layered nonsense garbage version.


You know when Vanilla had 1000 players in a zone? When there were 1000 people in a zone. It really is that simple. And technical, server issues may have existed back then. Ion specifically stated those same limitations don’t exist now. The limitations are being used for convenience, not technical reasons.

Once. And once only, did any server ever have 1000+ people in a zone for the life of each server. And that was the AQ gates.

In no other normal circumstances did the game ever have more than 1000 people in a zone.

Balderdash. Both Mark Kern and Kevin Jordan confirmed that the equipment could go higher, but they kept the 3k limit because they wanted to ensure gameplay worked and that the community was tight-knit.

Mark Kern even said on a stream somewhere that if they could have, they would have made the caps smaller, but at the time hardware costs actually mattered so adding more realms simply for a better experience would have been a waste of money.

You are not asking for Vanilla, you are asking for your private server fantasy land, and it has no place in Classic.

Additionally, if all 3000 players on a layer chose too… they could all enter Elwynn Forest and stand around at once. Layers permit this. Your 6000+ server cap fantasy does not.

I’ve never played on a private server.

And now you’re making up ridiculous things. The AQ event didn’t have server issues? If you have to say such false things, it just goes to show logic and facts mean nothing. You just want to win some forum debate.

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Yes. It did. Because there were issues putting thousands of people in one zone back then. I never claimed your strawman, and you’re just losing the argument and you know it.

This only is a relevant statement to your “I want 1000 people in Elwynn Forest” claim to being authentic.

You know you’ve lost the argument, so you’re devolving into “You said something you didn’t so that I can argue against it, because arguing against the actual thing you said means I’d lose”.

Thanks for playing, sorry you lost.

Source please.

You make things up, constantly go back on what you said. Really no point trying to have a conversation with you.

And your last line proves exactly what I was said: you don’t want a conversation. You want to win some forum debate.


No, I want to shout down people who make up crazy stories, lest those crazy stories take hold and continue to be spread.

You are spreading false rumors in an attempt to poison a necessary mechanic, probably because you feel like you need to argue, at this point. Your claim has already been repeatedly disproven and you’re simply clutching at straws and misrepresenting other people’s statements in an attempt to get some sort of purchase with your false statements.

Please quit lying for whatever personal need you have.

3k layers are more authentic than putting 1000 people in Elwynn Forest at once. None of your “fears” are grounded and you’re just scaremongering.

Layers suck.

There your argument is 100% countered.

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Eloquent, to the point, and lacking in all substance.

It must be a Ryzix post!

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List them.

Now Abidaiil, I already punched your dance card. We have been here before. But thanks for trying.

How so?

Does anyone else know what they are doing to fix layering? I saw Tips’ Tweet and not much else.

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They have altered the deal. Pray they do not alter it any further.


layering needs to be removed entirely.


I just wish they would at least make a compromise of some sort. I think the idea to have some layering servers and some non layering servers is a good idea.


The problem is your faulty logic OP.
If your side really was the majority (and that’s what you’re pinning your desires for a change to how layering is going to work) then they would already have made noise.

Fact is most people are probably apathetic and just don’t care.