Well, congratulations Carebanks

This is the last week in classic for me. Way to go, you guys did it! Now your world chat will be just another LFG like you wanted it. Just another trade channel. Boring normie echo chamber, orange man bad, ree’ing about reserves, etc and so forth. Power tripping nerds, gangstalking brigade mobs, you guys win. Stay woke, enjoy your peach mints and your stuffed-shirt, narrow overton. Enjoy your basketball man worship. Enjoy your penile cages and polyamorous LARPing. Enjoy holding hands with Alliance and farming ekos peacefully together. Enjoy being so enraged, so driven to panic by mere text in a chat window that you breathlessly grasp at the only form of power you’ve ever known. Because you did it. Farewell and goodbye.


Feel free to mail me all your gold


I can’t use the mail.

I’m gunna miss you the most :’)

Never heard of you…

But can I have ur stuff?


fell fortunate that you haven’t

Wow, we did it ya’ll!

never done a damn thing to you. stuff shirt uppity halfwits on this server. too many buttblasted leftists triggered over words that they could just easily ignore.

Weren’t you supposed to like quit alrdy? Seems like you are a bit enraged by all this, and seem very easily triggered by words you could just easily ignore.

a friend hooked me up with a month, but im still chat banned forever so this is my only shtposting outlet. thanks for the bump tho, fren.

I’ll ignore these :slight_smile:

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