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and are these legal to use it won’t get me banned will it like the bag one looked cool but i got scared to dl it

Addons from twitch/curse and Wowinterface are vetted by those sites. If Blizzard objects to one of the addons they host, blizzard breaks the offending functionality.

Addon users are not penalized unless they use an addon to explicitly exploit some bug in the game.

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I am very new to Wow. I have a Blood Elf Warlock that has hit level 20, and she has completed all the quests she had… Now I am at a loss of what to do… or where to go. What is the next level of play, and where should she go to obtain more quests? I played EQ and then EQ2 for 15 years so I understand mmorpg… but have really gotten to like and enjoy WOW… just stuck right now. I also have a level 15 Priest Blood Elf, and don’t want to be in the same position when she hits 20… Guess I sound pretty dumb, but any help you all could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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One of the icons on your display is an Adventure Guide which will have bread crumb quests to take you to an appropriate zone for questing. The bread crumbs are also available from a Warchiefs board in major cities.

During the blood elf questline for killing mobs in the tower next to the shore, you should have gotten a necklace drop which starts a quest to take you to Undercity.

To get to the portal to Undercity, head for Silvermoon and go to the back of the city until you see a ramp with a red carpet and two lines of guards on it. Go up the ramp and keep going back and upwards in the building until you see a big pink ball. Click the ball to get ported to the courtyard outside Undercity.

When you leave the room the portal is in within the courtyard, you can take a left and exit the courtyard. Two towers will be ahead. The first platform on the left tower will have a portal to Orgrimmar on the other continent.

Taking a right, will lead you into Undercity itself. Check your minimap and keep angling towards the center. Once there, you will see two abominations guarding a door to an elevator. When the door opend, hop in and run across to the opposite door which will open in Undercity proper once the elevator travels there.

Personally, I would recommend getting into Undercity and picking up the flight point there, then heading back to the elevator and exiting the city by generally zig-zagging north until you exit the city and leave the courtyard.

Then take a left onto the main road in front of the two towers and run through Tirisfal glades and Silvermoon Forest until you hit the border with Hillsbrad.
A quest giver at the border will offer you a level 20 quest called “Welcome to the Machine”.

Welcome to the Machine turns you into a quest giver for three wow stereotype players. You then do a series of quests to assist them in Hillsbrad. It’s an amusing series of quests.

Updated for Shadowlands :slight_smile: Chose not to dump Chromie time into this, as it’s lengthy enough as-is. Just need to check the level unlock req for Arch. I know there’s nothing new for it this expac.

This is my first time responding to a topic. I have a problem that I cannot reply to any other topics than this one and the technical support one. Any idea how I can deal with this

There’s a problem with the authentication servers at the moment affecting both game and forum access. it is being worked on.

The Customer Service, Tech Service, and player to player support forums such as this one do not require authentication.

I haven’t played for a couple of years and, of course, things have changed. The secondary professions used to be in your spell book, but I don’t see any professions there. How does this work now? It’s not in your newbie profession section.

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Bring up your spellbook and there will be a professions tab along the bottom. You have to train the profession before it appears there.

Professions are trained by Xpac and each Xpac has it’s own trainers for the profession. For example, you no longer have to level the basic profession to 300 before leveling it in Outland or any other xpac.

Excellent guide but desperately needs an edit/update. Do you even have to hold your breath to swim anymore?

Yes, but there are potions that can extend your underwater time and quests that send you under water often have an item or buff to extend your breath.

I think the timer was extended to three minutes a long time ago; but, yes, still needed.

Is there anything you see that needs updating? It should be updated for Dragonflight.

Still an excellent post.

The only suggestion I might make is a section on starter and veteran account restrictions but that might be a different post in this thread.

Good suggestion - I’ll take a gander at adding that, or at the very least linking out to Blizz’s page on it.

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