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Please fix the Shield issue in Ny’alotha.

Protection Paladins and Warriors we will likely be running a heroic shield for most, if not all, of Mythic Progression further contributing to our oppression from our Brewmaster overlords.

While its nice to see hunters have 3 different ranged weapons to choose from, currently their is only 1 shield from the 10th boss for Protection Paladins and Warriors.
(which is still in competition with Shamans and Holy Paladins considering there is only 1 other Offhand in the raid)

Personal loot restrictions mean even if it drops for someone else its highly unlikely they can trade it.

And with changes to Titan-forging it means we can’t even farm M+ for an upgrade and just have to wait and pray to win the Weekly cache lottery.

Please fix this before I become another statistic.
My GM wont like me re-rolling Monk.

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