Welcome to the big 3

Due to heavy reflection of recent events I’ve observed the accomplishments of this 1 server who seemed to have achieved a Full status that’s not been reached by the big 3 for consecutive days.

This server is also the only NA server to gain recognition by Blizz for its efforts on the opening of BWL and currently has the most progressed raid scene of all servers (for Alliance at least)

In recognition of these recent accomplishments, by the power invested in me by the great and mighty Impsy… I invite this server Incendius into the fellowship of the big 3 replacing Faerlina for without its streamers it’s a shadow of its former self.

Although most of the population of this server are refugees I believe this server has a bright future if they can figure out the Horde situation.

I tried to get Reign to goto Incendius for 2 months prior to their transfer to Failina.

Too bad they made yet another bad decision. First Skeram, Now Faerlina… . . . Dont say I didnt tell you so Snay, Mz, Nick, Cheif, Dezzro… Should have listened to me and Lasian. Deal with the server of Fails for Efame.

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We have server ques now thanks to the guilds who transfered.

thats a good thing

Nah. Server was great before all these guilds transfered.