Welcome to Classic+

Playable ducks.


Could we have a goose too?

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Level 60 boosts. I just want to create a character and jump straight into the action. Straight into raid logging. Leveling? Pfft. No thank you.


Oh they started adding new content like instances and classes that weren’t in Vanilla?

When did that happen?


Behsten and Slahtz, s’il vous plait.

I can get my completionist questing/dungeon/reputation maximizing fix, and dedicate myself to creating a squad of Level 49 tradeskill-twanks.

They added wargames to Classic.

I hope all you #nochanges leave so the imbalance will get better.

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Very good RP! I actually think you’re a little man in real life from that comment!

What would you like to be #changed?

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Level 1 Dora the Explorers for everyone!

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Blizzard did not add WarGames to Classic – it was built-in to the client and Blizzard has – at this time – opted to not remove it. There was no “SUP DUDES, HERE’S A HOTFIX – WARGAMES!!” announcement about this addition to the game.


Im actually 6’1 in IRL. But, thanks for assuming.

So… battlegrounds…

Where are the new classes? Where are the new races? If this is classic+ I expect new content. Not the same battlegrounds.

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dual talent spec and guild banks while we are at it.


This client also has the ability to perform pet battles, transmog, faction changes…

Let me requote Ion.
on Hazzikostas : We look at things and think “we could do that so much better now,” but at some point it’s dangerous to start substituting our modern judgments for how things were back then because we’re changing the experience and our mission really is to recreate something that has been lost to the sands of time. Otherwise, it’s a piece of gaming history. It’s the origin of World of Warcraft’s story, and some of us said internally joking “it belongs to a museum.” We wanted to create that thing, we wanted to memorialize and immortalize it, and we can’t accomplish that by changing it."

Yes, you’ve been quoting that quote in multiple threads as if it is some compelling argument all on its own (it’s not).

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Because its relevant.

All the yes!

I hadn’t thought of that, but that would be fun.


It may be relevant, but it’s not some compelling “WELP, I GUESS THAT’S THAT THEN” argument (because it’s not).

Classic isnt vanilla when you knuckleheads finally figure that out. The rest of us can finally enjoy wow. I would welcome a bunch of quality of life changes.

That’s just like your opinion man.

Still Rping as a little man huh?

You two are suppose to talk about changes. Not complain.