Welcome Migrants from Grobbulus (8PM)

With free server moves from Grobb to Deviate Delight opening at 5PM Pacific (8PM server time) today, I would like to congratulate you on your journey to the best Azeroth that the multiverse has to offer.



Oh this should make things even more interesting!

Yes, should be fun. The more the merrier!

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Welcome all Humans and Abominations!

If you are a refugee and you are transferring your RP guild over or you are looking to start one, please post your information in the RP Guilds & Contact Information thread.

If you are looking for an already established RP guild, that is the most current list we have (updated daily when possible).

I’m transferring my priest with the same name over…so they will need to change their name.

Glad I don’t need to make another priest!

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I’m transferring my shaman, who has the same name as this one.


Make an undead and join the RAS!

Hiya just transfered over. Checking into the forums ! This should end up being my home on classic. Previously played vanilla on Emerald Dream. Hoping to find some friends and a good guild to hang out and raid with :slight_smile:


I’m also transferring my (undead) mage, but I don’t expect to have time to play him any amount! He’s just a bank alt for now.

Dunn care. Alts are welcome. Especially people I like. <3


Some of us have already infiltrated your ranks! :wink:

If a queue happens on Grob this weekend, I expect a few more will transfer over!


Throm’ka new friends