Weird Disengage Behavior

(Honork) #1


I’ve noticed on the PTR that disengaging will sometimes cause my character to continue autorunning roughly at the angle that I disengage at, even if my character/camera is no longer facing that direction.

I’m only able to reproduce this maybe 10% of the time. I usually managed to reproduce it when disengaging at a slight angle from the direction that my character was running previous to jump/disengaging (the ol’ disengage flick).

Here’s a video of when I managed to repro it:

At no point during the video did I press my movement keys. At around 00:20 I started toggling on/off auto-run a few times; my character slightly changed angle, but still kept running.


I’ve heard that /console rawMouseEnable 1 fixes this. This was happening to me on live servers and fixed it.

(Honork) #3

Unfortunately, I already had that CVar set to 1 on both Live and PTR, and I was still hitting it a few more times during testing today. Definitely possible that it’s a setting issue between my PTR client and Live client, though.


Actually, since this post I have been getting the issue a lot too, even with ensuring my CVar is set to 1, so it must be some other problem. Only getting the issue on PTR atleast.