Weekly Saturday MC/Ony PUG (And Beyond)

Hey guys,

I recently hit level 60 and I decided instead of making a guild or joining one I’d just try to make a weekly PUG made up of some awesome players who have their Saturdays free. I used to play on Nostalrius and I was a part of this really incredible PUG that would clear Molten Core very fast, the group was consistent, the leader was on top of his stuff and the raid was just always very smooth and very pleasant. I’d like to try to get something like that going here.

My main goal is to create a PUG of guys and gals who want to clear the content quickly and efficiently and have a good time while we’re doing it. Ideally, we would take this PUG and clear all upcoming content. I would like to slowly find 30-40 people who have their Saturdays free for a PUG and consistently show up. Once we’ve established a little core, we’ll think about things like BWL and AQ when it comes out. Of course, this will take a fair amount of time.

We are not aiming at any kind of hard-core raiding experience. I don’t expect everyone to come with full raid consumables and we are not aiming at speed clears or the likes. The vibe I’m going for here is a relaxing Saturday raid for your alts or for those who can’t make their guild runs etc.

Loot rules will be simple MS>OS +1. I will be reserving the first set of Bindings for myself, as well as Fiery Cores, Lava Core, etc. The second set of Bindings will likely be open roll, we might give priority to one of the tanks but I’ll kind of feel that out with the group. The reason I’m reserving Lava Cores and Fiery Cores etc is simply to build myself a Dark Iron Fire Resistance set. I’m doing this not because I’m selfish but because I certainly will be at every single raid and we are going to want a tank that definitely has an FR set. After my Dark Iron set is complete, we’ll either just roll out the Lava Cores and what not or collect them all, sell them and then distribute the gold evenly among the raid. Also, I would eventually like to come up with some kind of system that might give very consistent raiders some kind of priority or advantage on their rolls. I want to reward those who are consistently contributing.

Requirements for Raiding:

  • Pre-Raid BIS (or very close)
  • (3) Fire Protection Potions (at least 1 of them Greater)
  • (2) Restorative Potions
  • Attunement (ofc)
  • Onyxia Scale Cloak
  • A working Microphone and Discord. You must be able to communicate when needed. Don’t be shy.

Raid Times:

5pm-8pm (or earlier if we finish quickly)

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments or concerns. If you want to sign up, simply leave a message on this thread and send an in-game mail to “Hardestnard” with your Name, Class, Spec & if you have an Aqual Quintessence or not.