Weekly No Leavers - 7/9 Heroic - Monday/Tuesday 9:00-11:30PM - recruiting ranged DPS and Flex healer

Weekly No Leavers is a 7/9 Heroic Amirdrassil guild recruiting all roles for our Monday/Tuesday off-night raid.

When: Monday and Tuesday 9:00PM Eastern to 11:30PM Eastern

Priority Needs:
Mistweaver Monk

What we can offer:
• Experienced raid lead and officer core.
• Low tolerance for toxicity.
• We do not have any specific requirement for you to be on our server/in the guild.
• Raid leadership will come prepared with strats/healing CD timers/In-Game-Leading for each encounter.
• AOTC focused with Mythic progress pending on roster health.
• Feasts provided.
• We will perform log review with anyone who wants it. Happy to help people get better if they want to get better.
• Solid raid environment where we progress at a good pace, people are accountable for their performance, and we have fun.

• Come prepared with appropriate gems/enchants/flasks/runes for your class.
• Logs will be reviewed weekly and you may receive feedback on areas for improvement.
• Actively work on gearing your character outside of raid.
• We start pulling at 9:00PM Eastern please be on and ready to pull at that time.
• We are not an alt-farm. Specifically early into our progress we expect that you will pick a class and stick to it for the duration of our AOTC push. Alts who are at equivalent or higher gear score will be considered, though some items may be restricted until mains have obtained them (specifically high value trinkets and weapons)
• If you aren’t having fun, reach out and let me know. We play video games to have fun, and I want this raid to be a conduit to you achieving that.

What I need from you:
• Reach out on Discord for a chat any time: _vanillagodzilla or in game: Debt#1988
• Let me know what class you want to play. We are actively recruiting all roles.
• Be prepared to share current logs. Does not need to be for the class you intend to play, but it will help us determine your current skill level.

Thanks for considering! We look forward to chatting with you.


Lets do this peeps! Trying to get AotC this tier with some chill peeps. Let’s GO!!! <3

bump dat post

Bumping the post up for heroic prog start Monday!

Fyrakk axe here we go

Honestly, yesterday’s prog in heroic reminded me of why I play WoW. The kill on Council of Dreams was legendary. Last pull of the night and just flawless execution at the end. Looking forward to the rest of heroic <3

Still looking for some solid people.

Bumping for 7/9 Heroic. Progging Tindral and AOTC.