Weekend only -Unholy Dk, Fury Warrior or Mage LF Sat/Sun (After 11pm Est)


Hello all,

Currently 3/9M on my shadow priest. My main raid is 8-11pm est. I’m unavailable before this time. Looking to raid on a second character. As long as the time is after 11pm EST (either Sunday or Monday morning) I can make it work.

I am not available for weekday raiding, friday raiding or early Saturday raiding due to my work schedule. The only times I can make are after 11pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Now I’m sure I’ll get some people who mass post but I’m primarily looking for a guild in mythic content. The progression doesn’t matter as long as you’re a mythic focused guild. I’m a former CE player looking to play a second character at a high level in your raid. I prefer to dps as that’s my favorite role in the game.

I play an 402 Unholy Dk, 401 Fury Warrior and I’m currently leveling and gearing a mage. I’ve had very good parses in the past and I’m a strong mechanical raider as well as reliable. My wife and kid are asleep at this time so I’m looking to enjoy my nights with a second group to call home. Currently all of my characters are on MalGanis except my mage.

DK: Murrdk
Warr: Murrwarr
Mage: Pyrosis on BL

Btag: emg#11389

I know this time is a bit restrictive but I’d be very open to a once a week raiding guild during these times. Thanks, I look forward to chatting with you.


Thanks for the adds earlier. I’m gonna entertain my options before making a decision. One day a week groups actually seem like a good fit so let’s see if there are any others out there!


Still looking!


looooooooooooooookinggggg still!


Anyone still up?? Night shift life