Weapon speeds?

So I can’t find a solid and current answer after some quick googling.

I’m lvling a monk and having a blast. I’ve also been away from the game for some time so my knowledge of latest patching and streamlining is a bit… holey? And the info is all over the place.

So here’s the question. Is weapon speed relevant in monks? Is it still even a THING? I’m seeing some chatter about it being ‘normalized’?? What does that mean in terms of auto attacking classes and haste?

That said, should I be focusing on slower or faster weapons or am I just looking at them as stat blocks attached to my little fuzzy hands?

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Weapon speed is only sort of a thing if you’re using a two-hander vs dual wielding. Otherwise, all 1 handers (that we can use) have the same speed, so do all 2 handers.

The tldr is: a two-hander will make your yellow abilities do more burst damage

Dual wielding will do more sustained white damage over time.

However, as you are leveling, of course any ilvl upgrades are best.

Citation needed.

At end of Legion, all melee abilities were changed from Weapon Damage base to Attack Power base. There should be no net difference on yellow between the two. Stats seem to confirm, only difference is missing enchant on OH.

Before Legion, almost all weapon attack speeds were normalized by type, so there should be no differences outside of type. Monks cannot use Daggers, so all 1H should be (generally) the same at 2.6 and all 2H should be the same at 3.6.

With a 186 ilvl and a ilvl 12 white staff equipped, my RSK does 3571 damage. When I swap to 2 ilvl 12 white cleavers, my RSK does 3638 damage. I only question the accuracy of the assumptions, given the changes at the end of Legion… Did something else change in BFA/SL that I missed?

Weapon speeds aren’t really a “thing” anymore. All 1H weapons have the same speed now and all 2H weapons have the same speed. It used to be that weapons did have different speeds, and certain specs would prefer faster or slower weapons, but that’s no longer the case.