Weak aura enemy cooldown

Hi. I made a dynamic group for enemy cooldowns but they don’t show up when fighting. I tried all the videos and they must be outdated. Even if I can import them that’s fine. I just want to know how to get them to show when I’m in a bg or arena. Thank you.

There are many different reasons they might not be showing up.

It would be easier for us if you’d save it to wago.io and then post the link to it (put it inside triple ` marks on either end).

Try OmniCD instead.

You’re talking to a complete dumbass when it comes to computer stuff but I will do my best to do that. Ty

From with Weak Auras, Export to String.

Then open the wago.io site and paste that string in the entry line you’ll likely be starting at.

I’d save it as private if it were me as this isn’t something distribution-ready.

You’ll end up with a new URL at the top of the page. Copy that and paste it back here inside triple grave marks (the backwards apostrophe, top left of your keyboard).

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