We took some nerfs in exchange for extra talent points and new/adjusted talents

Time will tell if it was worth it. Deflecting Dance seems dope though. Curious to see how mainstat scaling is gonna look. All the single talent point nodes though is making it seem like a pseudo WoD-SL talent trees where DHs have access to most talents, aside from a few critical ones at the bottom that define the spec, hopefully blizzard with just continue to cycle through reworks until the specs are perfect.

I fear Deflecting Dance is going to turn into a button you don’t press since the shield only last while ur dancing. I guess prob not since it;s a low cd but, just giving dodge back to dance seems better

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Hitting dummies on the PTR and watching other specs just hold 200k + ST for 3 mins at a time while I 900 apm to barely do half that is a problem. Nothing about DH needed nerfed, quite the opposite.


You and the person who liked your comment need to test the ability, it is a passive that activates when you blade dance. I agree, im worried like you are about DH having low damage.

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I’m on here doing it now. I’m not guessing…

I’ve tested it enough to know that the only viable build is going to be the immolation capstone and inertia. I also know it’s going to be a RNG clown fiesta where if you proc you love life and if not you wanna die.

The fodder change alone and how it plays is complete trash.

They added a cd to fel rush gcd. And you CAN feel it.


A lot of 2-point talents have been converted to 1-point talents with an increased value per point. Two talents became baseline and 6 talents went from 2-point to 1-point, effectively freeing up 8 talent points. Give or take. I might be off.

The fel rush cd to the gcd is almost enough to stop playing the class. It feels very bad.

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Yea idk why tf they did that

It’s so buggy I can’t even test it out. Getting the capstone A Fire Inside causes Immolation Aura to not even activate. Guess I’ll try again later

it feels like dn ngl

Doubled it :melting_face::expressionless:

Please, stop playing the class. A 0.25 gcd to a 0.5 gcd is nothing. The 0.25 felt like 0.4 anyway due to input lag and key stroke. Also it’s first round of ptr. Instead of moaning in here, go and give some productive feedback. The class will be fine. It has been fine. Realz did some major QOL improvements to the tree. There is still hella stuff to be worked on, WIP talwnta and what not. Instead of crying on forums, actually give some informative feedback.

instead of crying on the forums here go cry on the forums somewhere else


Fodder change is ludicrous but I’m wondering if that’ll push vengeance to go decree if the sigil changes are enough.

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it does, fodder on a 1:30 cd makes decree a auto pick for veng especially with upcoming sigil talents and such. however it wont be missed and frankly it being a on demand cd its alot more healthy and good for the class as a whole instead of rng based where it can take up to a 1:40 for it to spawn ocne entering boss combat

Its fixed in the internal build, we’ll get it next week, mind you, this is just the first round of changes, theres still our class tree that needs to be touched, and not to mention the 2 open talents at the top of the tree.

Let us keep that ability image though, thats some funny stuff

I thought Fodder already had a pretty long internal cd, which made me think using Spectral Sight was just a way of making the ability into a burst cd.

As for the A Fire Inside, I think would be better if it had a lower chance to proc but could be triggered by any immo damage, including ragefire.

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Me personally, with Immolation Aura at 30sec which is hastened, I can see some CDR for it happening here, Its gonna sync way too well with Ragefire to not have some kind of CDR talent either in the spec tree or in the class tree.

That would be the point of feedback. You give it, at all times, before the end result. That’s first, second, the fel rush cd to gcd change is garbage. My guess is you either don’t play a dh full time, or you are a pve hero who wants to stand still as much as possible. That’s fine if you are, but the change is bad. There is nothing more to it.