We still don't know where storm dragons come from

We went all of Legion without getting any backstory on the Stormheim flight or why Odyn was cool with them when he doesn’t like other dragons. Do you think Dragonflight might finally touch on this even a tiny bit (lol)? I think some storm dragon NPCs have been datamined, no one with a name though.


Since, you know, it’s a dragon expansion. I can only hope blizz at least remembers the Storm Dragons exist and their lore gets expanded upon. Even if it’s just how they came about to begin with


I bet they’re robots. Or built by robots.


I also wonder about these storm dragons.

I hope to see Odyn’s head on some decorative sconce. Will these storm dragons be fodder in my path in his defence, or will they be on my side when Odyn meets justice?

He threw a hissy fit when the dragons were empowered, so I am hoping that is touched upon in all this.

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There was also once a white dragon flight that fought along side Agewynn against the legion and the Avatar she defeated. However I doubt blizzard remembers that.


Why am I starting to suspect that the Green Dragonflight was not planned by Blizzard and just invented by Knaak!?

It’s looking more and more like the Dragon Aspects were Aspects of the Moon originally!

Red, Black, Blue, Gold and White…

Green would simply be just normal Dragons…

This is why Blizzard should have always reviewed the Books and made sure they followed Planned Lore!

Honestly if this does come to pass hope they give us the option to fight on Odyns side as well. As far as I’m concerned he was right about how useless the dragon aspects are and they need to be wiped out. Atleast he helped fight the legion where the aspects were no shows.


This definitely needs to be addressed in Dragonflight.

I was looking at various alpha streams and found one that came across storm dragons in Thaldraszsus. they’re just chilling on a mountain. He didn’t mouse over or get near them to see if they were hostile or friendly.


So hopefully there are quests dealing with them.

I thought it said somewhere that Odyn made them? Don’t remember where but that’s what I remember people saying about them during Legion.

I was under the impression that this was Odyn’s main gripe with the Aspects. He did not agree with empowering them but other than that, he had no real issues with dragons.


Exactly. His main gripe was that the Dragons were going to more or less do the duties of the Keepers. I.e. be empowered by the Titans (like they were) and protect Azeroth. Odyn saw the Dragons as flawed guardians because they were flesh, and flesh can be corrupted. While also believing that the Keepers and their titanforged servants were above corruption. As they are not flesh.

Odyn was right somewhat about the Dragons, as we have Neltharion and Nozdormu (in time) as evidence (could also include Ysera kinda). But he was also wrong about the Titanforged being above corruption. As Hodir, Freya, Mimiron and Thorim would become slaves to Yogg-saron. Loken was blackmailed into serving the Old God. Then you have the Titanforged in Ahn’Qiraji as well. Which fell under C’thuns will.

But considering that Yogg-saron did create the Curse of Flesh to make corrupting Titanforged easier… Odyn does have a point that fleshy beings are more susceptible to corruption compared to beings made of stone and metal. Yogg-saron needed Lokens help in controlling the other keepers of Ulduar. And hell, Loken needed us to help him deal with Thorim.


It could be that he uplifted the ancestors of the storm dragons in response.

And Malygos.


Ironically, Maylgos and Odyn came to the same conclusion regarding “lesser beings” using “their” power. Malygos didn’t think mortals could be trusted with using magic and Odyn didn’t think the dragons could be trusted with using titan powers.

Malygos wasn’t corrupted though.

He did go insane for a while there though

The insanity Malygos suffered and the corruption Odyn was referring to are different things.

Malygos’ insanity was mainly driven by grief, anger and confusion but had no Old God influence. He had vouched for the dragon soul and was good friends with Neltharion. And how did that end up? A very large majority of his flight was wiped out. The Nexus war was the result of Malygos becoming sane again… very sane if you ask me. Sane enough that it could be considered insanity in a weird way. Meanwhile Neltharion and Nozdormu (in time) were largely triggered by the Old Gods.

Although how that will apply to Nozzy now is unclear. Since Blizzard likes to flip flop on the Azeroth Old Gods being dead or not.


Odyn’s main point of contention was that Titanforged couldn’t be corrupted, therefore only they can be trusted with the Titan powers. But you don’t need to be corrupted to lose that trust.

Ergo, Malygos fits with the others because he abused his Titans power, just like Deathwing and Nozdormu (at some point).

The storm dragons could be tied to Thorim in some way. Thorim himself had his own proto-drake. They might be the lost children of Veranus.

He started acting like the Primalists who act as if Mortals could not be trusted with Magic.

Whether or not the Primalists were in the right is irrelevant as the Titans gave him the charge to not Hoard Magic when regulating it.

His mind was uplifted by the Titans to their world-view but once he got the Nether Dragon energies inside him his mind returned to that of a Proto Dragon with the experiences he had as Dragon on top of it all.

He fell into the same trap as the Primalists did the moment his absorbing the Nether Dragons restored his original Proto Dragon thought-process.