We need more LGBTQ+ members in the WoW Community Council

That was one of the greatest videos I have ever seen lol.

That was Human?! I thought human was ripping off his thread style XD

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Stop with this.

There are lots on the Council from all walks of life. Including the LGBT folks.

Go read the introductions and stop making trolling threads.


This is all nonsense.

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This person at this point needs banned, silenced, or something. This is ridiculous.


I guess you didn’t read the introductions and I’m sure you have to be actively playing and have a full understanding of the game before you can apply. They do pick and choose who joins.

As said here:

Introduce Yourself Here - Community / WoW Community Council - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

I wondered so I looked at their posting histories. It looks like Humanbeak did that in the middle of last year and Edamann did it at the beginning of this year. They also don’t look like the same person.

It’s still annoying though, yet funny too.

Ah got you. Ty for that!

Why are you so concerned with it? If everyone was represented, do you think you’d be properly represented? You have the foolish thought of the perfect world in you head while everyone else has their own. You’re gay or whatever and congratulations for being courageous and standing up for that. However, we do not need representation for everything. No one gives a damn about anyone’s sexual orientation. It’s 2022… grow up.

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You’re welcome.

The biggest mystery is why someone would imitate Humanbeak.

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Glad this highly prejudice OP was reported. This post screams elitism, exclusivity, exceptionalism, and sexism. Pretty disgusting. Pretty sad you can’t just be happy that people are getting into the CC based on ideas. Ideas are what matters, not the other crap. I guess bigots don’t get this though.


Oh you’re back. Hooray.

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Assuming someone’s sexuality is just as bad as people who are blatantly homophobic, at least in my eyes. Please remember no one is under any obligation to your or anyone else to reveal their sexuality if they don’t wish to. Heck, they’re under no obligation to give you any form of personal life information - they’re there to give game feedback.

You have no idea how many of the CC are LGBTQIA+. You only know how many of us have willingly shared that information with you.

I am gay, ace-ish, and like 99% likely another identity in the LGBTQIA+ spectrum that I’m not comfortable making public as I’m still trying to understand it myself. As far as I’m aware, only one other has stated they are part of the LGBT+ community and that’s fine. Again, no one owes anyone their personal life information.

Unfortunately, it’s Friday at 8 PM, so the thread will likely be up until Monday morning unless one of the mods is doing overtime.


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Hello, I see you believe the OP is trolling. While it is possible, it appears the OP may simply be merely unaware of what they are actually requesting, as well as unaware of the perception such a thread would generate. As you’re fully aware, I encourage you to make use the forum reporting system wherever you feel a violation of the CoC is occurring, so that a member of the Forum Moderation team may perform a thorough investigation into your concern. Have a blessed evening!

I don’t even know why this crosses anyone’s mind one way or the other. I honestly can’t recall interacting with anyone and thinking about their sex life.


I find this to be strange if not out right false. There are plenty of couples I have seen where I wonder, how the F?

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