We need BoA essences blizzard!

We need BoA essences blizzard, we want to play alts too, you are punishing too much for having alts, i mean we still have to farm the neck too, let alts be free blizzard!


Not happening.
Next patch is 9.0, and Ion has confirmed BoA isn’t at all in their plans.

We also don’t need it. You said yourself you want to play alts, well a need isn’t a want. Plus you knew well ahead of time that they wouldn’t be BoA so you had plenty of time to prepare alts


They would have to change more than just BoA essences for alts to be attractive again.

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I have 9 Alts on the same realm, all Horde - apart from a 74 Gnome Rogue named Dave.

This is a stupid idea. I’m sorry, but, if you make it too easy to jump from one class to another, there’s no synergy between you as a person and what you play online.

I firmly believe that you must input work in to each character you want to play. The way Alts work now, is almost perfect just the way it is. The only thing that SHOULD be ‘account wide’, in addition to what we already have, is main story progress. The only tedious part about Alts, is having to go through all the gated quests and bullsh just to get your Lucid Dreams, or just to get Heart 55. Like, it’s long and tedious and honestly, I think that’s one of the main things that puts people off Alts - not essences being BoP. It should ATLEAST be that way for non-current content. Everything in 8.2.5 should insta-completed on your alts, providing you’ve done it on your main. That’s the only true way to safely ‘catchup’ an alt, without it being game breaking.

bliz progression designers only care that there is ‘stuff to do’ forever

they don’t care if it is boring, unfun, burnout, or makes people quit

they only gauge success by participation in chasing the reward