We like Faction Assaults. More?

(Bolmung) #10

I took it as “we” meant “the people who agree with me”, not the entire player base. As they clearly stated in the intro.


I agree - faction incursions in war mode are probably the most fun I’ve ever had in the game, certainly since the beginning of BC. I love them! Plus, I don’t feel like I’m “wasting” time that I “should” be spending keeping my character’s gear up to speed, because they award Conquest in war mode.

And you’re right, the only down side is when I’m logged in and there’s no incursion up, it’s hard to get back to grinding. So yes, more incursions please! 2-4 times as many would be perfect. The interval needs to be a prime number, so instead of a 19 hour cycle, put them on a 7, 11, or 13 hour cycle. The length could be adjusted a bit if need be, but it would be nice if there was always or almost always one up.

(Sorelai) #12

The assaults are okay once in a while. I don’t do War Mode so find all the people to be annoying at times. I would also like that there were be two assaults, one on each island at the same time.


I’ve found them to be 50/50 pvp. But just as pre patch was awesome for all the wpvp that went on, I’m gonna say it’ll fall off in another month maybe.

But probably will keep it high for leveling characters. Who knows

(Quixa) #14

I find them super boring and haphazardly pieced together, like a steak that is 90% tripe, similar to what they serve at Dennys

(Spotti) #15

I think you are wrong too, I just re-read it and it was regarding people he talked with regarding Faction Assaults… my bad. lol. Too many times on these forums this line gets muddled so I misread. I know he meant he wasn’t speaking for everyone so I just misread that first part of the post.

(Momimfotm) #16

I love them. Blowing up the gate to Boralus with an iron star is the best thing ever. And the world pvp adds another enjoyable element to. Finally feels like we’re fighting in a real war.

(Beezlebubba) #17

I kind of like them. certainly less annoying than legion invasions and it encourages fightin. still not enough to save this expac at least at this juncture.


Liked the legion invasions a lot more tbh. Legion felt a little more threatening to the world, than stupid humans, and orcs fighting a tired worn out faction conflict. Just my 2 copper.

(Starlagosa) #19

I like them so far, I’m still getting upgrades and that feels well worth it. I’m tempted to try them with warmode on…they look like they might be crazy but fun!


Already boring with them after 70 times repeated for several alts. I gave up to torture myself. Beside, the loot seem worthless recently, it repeated to give all my alts same level azerite gear, shoulder, shoulder, head, head… sometimes even lower level items. Time to jump for new game, but there are nothing worthy in current market. I unsub and resub at least 1-2 times each month. I need something better, more eyecandy as in Legion.

(Ladihoodwink) #21

I love them but the lag and random shard merges hurt the fun.

(Svenska) #22

Nazmir sub part sucks, takes so much longer than it needs to.

Making them more frequent would inflate the gear entry.

(Kakurine) #23

They work fine for catchup but as i am sane and not a masochist i have no reason to ever have wm on outside of leveling.

Unless killing a player is going to reward me with gear and gold its not worth my time.


Was just about to open a conversation about this very topic. It’s important for us as players to tell 'em what we like as much as what we don’t. I especially like the clustered grouping of the quests, where storyline/plot point can vary as the player interacts with the WQ’s. In kin to a choose your own adventure book. A bit on rails at times, but variation should improve and looking forward to the Naga Invasion Assaults!

(Tentaclatrix) #25

Yeah I definitely prefer Incursions over Legion invasions.

Incursions have more unique quest’s than Legion’s “kill this many demons” quests.

They have better world PvP.

And they don’t end with a unnecessary loooooooong scenario.

Once heirlooms work for BFA they are only going to get better.


I still love them. I could see how they might get boring with war mode off, though. But then, doesn’t everything get boring with war mode off?

(Sinistrë) #27

I just like the convenience of getting an emissary done at the same time. HB ones especially since you dont even have to leave zandalar for it when invasions are here. I dont really do them otherwise since the rewards are pretty much 100% awful.

(Blasco) #28

I like them too. It may not be saying much, but I think they’re the best addition of BfA.


I dig ‘em. They’re a fun interlude from regular questing and dungeon spamming.