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<We Got This> Is a social/casual guild with it's own raid team. We do lots together, such as leveling alts, old raids, mythic's and mythic +'s PVP and more. We're seeking more like minded people, especially Pvp'ers at present. If you're interested be sure to either reply to this post or send me a pm in-game.

The guild has it's own discord of which is quite often occupied by guildies and is a good place to chat and interact with others within the guild. The guild is predominately a PVE one with most people doing dungeons and raids etc. We have quite a few that PVP and would like to increase our player base in the PVP sector to do BGS and arena's with.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Kind Regards,

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Ive just come back to Frostmourne (Been here since the server opened) after being in Dalaran due to work commitments. Looking for a casual guild to get back into the swing and then maybe into raiding at a later date. BTAG is Cornellious#1289 if your interested.


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Hey @Thetinyfriar - thanks for your interest. We are recruiting casual/social players at present. So if you're interested in joining our guild you're more than welcome to- just send me a pm in game and let me know you sent a request on the forums.

We quite often have people running things in guild so I'm sure you'll feel at home there. Keep well, and hope to hear from you again soon.

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Hey there
Is there rough times on when you raid as a group?

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Hey! I'd be real keen to join your guild, are you still recruiting?

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10/29/2018 04:30 PMPosted by Katariena
Hey! I'd be real keen to join your guild, are you still recruiting?
Hey, Kateriena, yes we are still recruiting; message me in game sometime and remind me that you saw my post on the forums and I'll send an inv your way! :) Have a good day and look forward to seeing you soon in our guild.

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10/29/2018 03:08 AMPosted by Cîrcasurvive
Hey there
Is there rough times on when you raid as a group?
Hey there, well- until late we have been doing Wednesday and Saturday 7:30-10:30pm ST core group and Thursday alt/casual raids with Sunday being mythic Taloc. Any questions you'd like to ask/find out about just pm me in game.

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I’m definitely interested. I typically do pug pvp and dungeon runs because my current guild never has enough ppl logged on at one time.


i’d be interested in joining on a few chars, got experience leading M+ and could help out organising Normal/Heroic raids on off nights


I’m keen to join you guys as a casual player. I do nightfill at Woolies so it makes it hard to raid these days, but i wouldn’t mind some pvp.