We deserve some answers... why are the servers still down?

It has been almost a week, what is going on?

It is a testing server. It could be any number of things. Unforeseen problems, downtime while they make adjustments, wanting to concentrate bug reports, etc.

We are not owed anything.


What Aster is saying is true. Personally, I hope that the reason for the long pause is that they have made some significant changes, such as further expanding the new Night Elf village or making the first alterations to Gilneas. My personal hope (for years), although it’s probably unlikely in this patch, is that they are working on making more races neutral for both factions. In the end, though, who knows what it really is. It could just be mundane changes to the classes. We’ll see.


They’ve actually already made some alterations to Gilneas, like they removed the Gnome submarine, added pews to Light’s Dawn Cathedral, and I think they added a dock to Stormglen Village as well. There’s also a whole bunch of unfinished NPCs everywhere.

I do wonder if Silverpine questing is broken or if the Gilneas part of the questline is getting removed, though.


As Blizzard loves to say:

Soon my child you will see soon!

My guess would be they are trying to get back on their thursday release schedule for the 10.2.5 PTR. So, some time today we likely will see it spin back up with a new release. Thanksgiving disrupted things, and there have been a couple of encrypted vendor releases since… so they are working.


They’ve also occasionally gone a week without a new PTR build as well. I’m wondering if this week’s build has been pushed back to next week due to technical issues and/or resources currently being strained.

For instance, they had to do a lot of bugfixes for stuff like the Trading Post and that probably pulls resources away from stuff like 10.2 development and getting stuff on PTR. Fixing stuff on Retail is a higher priority than releasing the latest PTR build.

This would not surprise me. Not because they are being stupid, but this is when they start slowing down work because of Christmas/New Years. It would not surprise me if it is down until after the new year.

That said, it is also common to release something on the PTR right before Christmas. Give people time to mess around while they have time off.

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It seems I was too slow to get to the PTR the day the servers went down was the day I got the time to try it and wanted to try the Follower Dungeons… but missed it… hopefully they will test more before it goes live.

I am thinking they will put out at least one more 10.2.5 PTR build before Christmas.

They probably intended to release a new PTR build this week but it may have gotten delayed due to Season of Discovery and unforeseen issues with the Trading Post.

It wouldn’t surprise me if WoW Retail and WoW Classic share development resources despite having different core teams.

I imagine that they did not intend for PTR servers to be down for this long and probably expected to release the new build between December 5th and December 7th.

There have been four encrypted vendor builds this week, so either:

a) something went very wrong they are trying to fix
b) they are trying to do as much as possible before doing a final public PTR push for this year.

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They’re worth the wait, IMO.

I actually can’t wait to try them I normally do dungeons solo several expansions later because of the toxicity I find in most Dungeon groups… and I’ve a few dungeon quests to do once they go live.

They took the idea from FF14. It’s just super convenient if you prefer solo play. Later on, you can run dungeons with important characters from the story. I doubt that will be the case in WoW, though. Probably only with less significant side characters.

And FF14 took it from Guild Wars.

I really don’t care who took it from who, I got to try it and love it I can run current dungeons now and not have to deal with the toxicity of other players as I tend to run into a lot either towards another person in the party or towards me as I don’t put up with that kind of behavior. If it’s something thats going to help improve my own enjoyment and gameplay I’m all for adding it.

I just wanted to tell you about my experiences with a system like that in FFXIV. I haven’t been able to test it in WoW yet, because the PTR is extremely unstable. That’s all. :dracthyr_shrug:

Sorry just get annoyed with people always talking about how such and such ripped off another game… I say if it makes the game more accessible to people who cares if they stole it… there hasn’t been an original thought in Entertainment or media in decades it’s all a variation of something that’s come before. lol

No need to apologize. Perhaps I should have phrased it better.

I agree that drawing inspiration from other games can enhance the overall gaming experience. It was no different with the dragon flying system from GW2, and from what I’ve gathered, most people seem to enjoy it. I wish they would also adopt player housing and the way factions work in FF14, at least in terms of playable races. Let’s see what the future holds.

For now, I’d be happy just to get into the PTR. :sweat_smile:

PTR is a mess, so unstable… been trying to do the Tyr quest line since it came back up with my Paladin and have not even made a dent.