We are winning too much honor points per BG

hows the exp 58-60 in bgs for a win?

Most people are only after marks right now. I’ve been avoiding BGs but will probably go in there to grind out the marks for the PVP 70 gear on my characters.

I agree the numbers are wrong as stated already. I have screenshots showing the correct numbers. I just don’t know how much it really matters at the end of the day.

Spending 1 day to grind something is long though. LOL. Shows the casual mindset of TBC PVPers.

also why did this need to be a thread in general and not bug reports?
did you expect everyone to clap and praise you on this?
should I get taco bell or Jersey Mikes tonight?


Grinding like 150k honor at 300 per 30+ minute match is long by almost anyones standards



We’ve got a turd in the punch bowl.


I’m not really arguing that the honor numbers are small in those videos. I was actually surprised looking at my screenshots yesterday (when bored) at how low the bonus honor was.

it’s just that any PVP gear in Classic/Vanilla required a lot of time, outside of the AV stuff really. This includes the rep pieces, and people did the grind for them anyway. So the people who did want it spent a lot of time on it - and people did. Whereas in TBC even arenas is a do at your own pace spend 1 hour here and there to get the best gear sort of thing.

Good luck getting marks when BGs keep kicking us out mid game…

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I haven’t even been in BGs for a week. That doesn’t sound good.

I just came back for BC. This is not a good start.


Also remember its 2.4.3 so it may be a case of honor values changing over the expansion. Cause I definitely don’t remember every little change so screenshots doesn’t necessarily mean its correct for our version.


exp in bgs is a mid-WotLK change, so there is none. And there are no mark turn-ins now either.

Aww, they didn’t do an XP buff but gave a surprise massive honor buff. Too bad I don’t have a 60 to farm a full set before they change it :frowning:

Typical horde.

I got 20 marks and 12K honor…

This was in about 15 BG’s including two that alliance would have won had we not mysteriously got booted from.

If anybody is getting too much it’s horde.


My games don’t even finish, we just get booted.


lmao its not a faction biased problem. if you’re serious, that’s really pathetic :rofl:

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You’d be surprised. BG honor grinding was almost as much of a grind as ranking in classic is/was. All day every day for one peice of gear every few days.

2008 videos are obviously from 2.3.0+ because :
Patch 2.3.0 / 13 November 2007

You can even see reinforcement in AV which mean they are from 2.3 or more.

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You’re absolutely right and you’re being spammed by retail tourists who want to further casualty classic. Honor gains are beyond broken rn.


Literally who asked? Post about it on your blog…